University Student Reportedly Dies Due to Starvation After Failure to Receive Help


A Kenyan university student has allegedly passed away after seeking help from friends and family members without success. It is believed that the student wrote a letter to both his family members and friends asking for only KSH.50 to buy food for lunch.

Unfortunately, the plea of the devastated student fell on deaf ears as no one was bothered to respond to his request. Before he passed away, he wrote how he had spent the whole week without food.

On his letter, he went ahead to say that he will always tell Kenyans the truth that humanity is better than status. He has therefore challenged Kenyans by asking them questions on what impacts are they bringing to other’s lives.

He lamented how people are heartless to an extent that a comrade can ask for money to buy lunch but no one can come out to assist him. He pitied himself saying that he knows Kenyans will now start collecting money for his burial.

He however left us who are still alive with a question about humanity. Does humanity still exist or are we having fake friends and a confused generation? It is somehow true that some university students are going through hard times.

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