RIP: What Was Found Inside BMW Car After Grisly Accident With Mash Poa Bus on Mombasa Road

A deadly accident has happened along Mombasa Road this Sunday involving a Mash Poa bus and BMW private car.

The accident which happened at Maungu is said to have claimed the life of the private car.

According to eyewitnesses, it has been reported the BMW driver was trying to overtake between two trailers but ended up ramming on the bus that was heading in the opposite direction, leading to a deadly head-on-coalition.

“Sad news just in happening: The BMW was overtaking 2 trailers and ended up ramming on the bus head-on just past Maungu….. Unfortunately, the driver has died on the spot,” the source said.

After the accident, it was established that the driver was having alcohol inside the car.

Cans of alcohol were seen at the passenger seat in front of the car, which left many people believing the driver might have used alcohol or was using the drink while driving.

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