“People In My Village Call My 4-Year-Old Baby A Pregnant Boy, It Really Hurts,” Lady painfully Narrates


Sofia is a mother of four children and she has painfully narrated how people in her village call her last born son who is only four years a pregnant boy.

According to her, it all started two days after she gave birth to him she realized that his belly was growing big and went back to the hospital for a check-up.

The doctors referred her to bigger hospitals because they could understand what was happening to him.

She claims that the doctors keep on referring them to the bigger hospitals which made them sell everything they had just to take him to that hospital but their son never got healed.

She says that it had been a tough journey for her and her family since everyone in their village says that their son is pregnant which really hurt her as a mother.

The four-year-old ananus has not yet joined the school because of her condition which sometimes makes him go through a lot of pain and sleeping is also a problem.

The mother has now pleaded with well-wishers to help them raise money to take him in India for advance treatment so that her son can live a normal life and go to school like other kids.

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