Official: Govt Finally Confirms Who Will Get the Sh60 Million After 3 Kamiti Prisoners Were Arrested


The government has confirmed that it is going to meet the promise is made, the 60 million reward they had promised for anyone who was to help the arresting of Kamiti three.

After three terror suspects had escaped from the prison, the government issued Sh20 million for each head of the terrorist.

A few days later, the three were arrested in Kitui County.

However, several people have come out to claim that they were the first persons to see the prisoners, among them a police officer.


The government through National Police Service has said an investigation is being done to determine the real person who helped in arresting the person.

“The Government intends to honour its pledge on the cash reward offer. This will, however, be subject to a due verification process to ensure the reward goes to deserving recipients.

“The security nature of the incident and the risk of harm to those who genuinely aided the capture of the high-value trio may militate against full public disclosure of the eventual beneficiaries of the cash award,” police noted.

Police have also noted that they have made some good progress in determining how the prisoners escaped from prison.

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