My Husband Ordered Me To Remove All My Clothes In Presence Of A Cousin Who Left Form 4 – Lady Says


Marriage is sacred and everyone’s prayer and wish are to have a happy and peaceful marriage. Grace Magochi shares her story with Lynn Ngugi in Tales Of Wanjiku.

Grace says she is from Muranga and is a mother of 2. She is the 7th born in a family of 8. Her upbringing was good and she can’t complain of struggling then. After secondary school, she went to MKU and after graduating she met a long time friend and they started dating. Afterwards, they settled and even birthed their first child.

The guy was very supportive that Grace became a housewife. Afterwards, she noticed her husband was changing. He started drinking alcohol, sleeping around with women and even giving her beatings. She loved her family hence she never said a word about what was happening. When her firstborn reached 4 she birthed her second child.

The situation became worse to the point her husband gave the whole family a beating including his own parents. Grace decided to call one of their cousin named Frank who had just left form 4 so that he could help them around. After a few days, Frank was paid by a lady who was sleeping with the husband of Grace to set her up.

That day, Frank called the husband and lied that Grace had taken his ATM card and withdrawn all the money. When he came back,he locked the children in their room and ordered Grace to remove all the clothes in front of Frank. She was brutally beaten with a panga that one of her eyes couldn’t see and some of her teeth removed. Luckily he went out telling her he will be back to finish her off. She ran away and went to the hospital where she was admitted for two weeks.

She was later discharged and welcomed by her mother and siblings. Later, she went to her husband’s place and stole her kids. She was taken to a therapist and after some time she went back to her sanity. Her family supported her to start a chicken business where she currently distributes chicks and educates farmers on proper steps to take. Grace encourages the world to use the little they have and believe in themselves.

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