Meet Paulina J Candy, The Model Who Had Over 500 Face Injections To Look More Beautiful (Photos)


Paulina J Candy is a brand influencer, entrepreneur, and model from Poland who has invested over 200 thousand British pounds in plastic surgeries after she was inspired by her favourite characters from a reality TV series titled The Girl Next Door.

Paulina who started having plastic surgeries at the early age of 18 has undergone several dozens of surgical procedures which include;

• Injecting more than 500 face injections

• Three butt lift surgeries

• Lip and facelifts

• Breast enlargement surgeries

• Veneers and many more

Aside from her surgeries, Paulina is a devout fitness model who goes on a strict diet and workout routine to maintain her body features. Despite the multiple surgical procedures, workout routine, and extreme diets, Paulina said she’s happy with her current looks, and the positive impact plastic surgeries had on her lifestyle, financial aspect, and relationships.

Maintaining a glamorous look as celebrities always comes with a high price, however, do you think Paulina went too far by spending what would be considered a fortune on plastic surgeries?

Paulina J. Candy, a 24-year old model from London, ended up spending over $66,000 on her quest to become a lifelike copy of the iconic Barbie doll.

According to the Daily Mail, Paulina started her transformation back when she was a teenager, undergoing her first breast surgery at the age of 18.

Since then, Paulina subjected herself to a number of surgical procedures, increasing her bust size to a J-cup and getting buttock implants.

While the model paid for most of her surgeries out of her own pocket, she also admitted that she “had relationships where the man would encourage her to increase the size of her boobs for the benefit of their sex life”, the newspaper adds.

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