‘Maria Season 2 Is Back On Citizen Tv From This Date’ Lulu Hassan Says


Lulu Hassan who is a news anchor in Citizen Television and also the Chief Executive Officer at Jiffy Pictures which produced Maria season 1 leaked some information to Kenyans that the second season of the play is also on the way.

The African play was loved by many people in the country following that it was touching the real-life situations of many individuals.

The show was directed by Julian S. Meanzele, starring Yasmin Said alongside Brian Ogana and Bridget Shighadi in their first television show.

Many people did not believe that the show was coming to an end the moment the last episode was aired on March 18, 2021, after having played 374 episodes.

Several Kenyans have now shown pleasure and interest in the return of Maria Season 2 from 15th December with the majority hoping that it will be more stimulative than how season 1 was. The coming season 2 will however not be played as the first season.

This will be aired three times a week due to the availability of several things that are supposed to be aired by the royal television station. It will be on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

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