“Who a You to Arrest Me” Arrogant Abikar, one of Kamiti Three Threatens Reservist who Arrested Them

Despite being under tight security of reservists who had arrested the 3 Kamiti Maximum prison escapees, One Abikar could not hide the Arrogant side of self.

While being held awaiting deportation to Kamiti by police, Mohamed Ali Abikar who had gone into a frenzy mood, could not contain himself.

He started shaking and wailing uncontrollably. He begged the Reservists to shoot him dead instead had him over to the police where he well knew he could be taken back to Kamiti.

Seeing his pleas were not being heeded to, Abikar started threatening the reservists questioning who they were to have arrested him.

“Who are you to arrest me after escaping better security agencies all the way from Kamiti, through Machakos and Kitui?” Abikar shouted at them.

His threats did not deter the reservist’s efforts to make sure that they were driven back to prison.

Seeing his threatening tactics could not work, Abikar offered to give them a huge sum of money in order to release them but in vain.

“Take the money and release us!”

Abkar, oversaw the butchering of 148 students at Garissa University in 2014 and had been running away from his 41-year sentence at Kamiti.

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