“Kuja Utumie WiFi” Female Teacher Allegedly Tells Her Pupil Before Sleeping With Him Forcefully

A teacher who is reported to have lured one of her students to her house before taking advantage of him was today taken to court where she was charged with touching and taking advantage of a minor.

According to the reports given by the victim whose name is yet to be disclosed, he revealed that the teacher who has been identified as Martha Loise Musyoka allegedly lured him to her bedroom after which she undressed him and took advantage of him.

“At first she told me to go and fix her bulb of which I did. Later she told me that she has Wi-Fi claiming that I was free to use it. I went to her house with my friends. However, she later called me in her bedroom claiming that she needed me to do something and that’s when it happened”, he said.

The mother of the victim who also expressed her anger revealed that she noticed that something was wrong with her son and after a while, she decided to ask him about what happened before the victim opened up and told her about the incident.

In her own words, she said that she immediately went to the police station to report the teacher for more investigation and questioning claiming that she knows her son.

The Makadara court however postponed the prosecution date for the suspect claiming that the victims along with the prosecution team didn’t give enough evidence. The suspect was however taken back to her cell awaiting her next court session.

This is happening at the same time when the government has called upon parents to make sure they stay vigilant especially during holiday seasons when most teenagers tend to get pregnant. According to the reports given by the ministry of health, it has been revealed

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