Details of Phone Belonging to the 3 Terrorists, Contacts and What Was Found in the Forest Disclosed


More details of things the three convicted terrorists had have been disclosed. This is after those who encountered the terrorists as well as the police reservists who arrested the trio spoke to the media. According to fresh reports, an elderly local woman who operates an eatery in Endau market says that the three men had gone to her eatery and asked her to help them charge their mobile phone. The woman says that she declined to offer them the service and the trio went away.

More details surrounding the said phone have also been revealed by the police reservists who arrested the three convicted terrorists. According to the reservists, the convicts told them that they had lost the phone in the forest when they were running away. Details say that the trio had pleaded with the reservists to help them find the phone. It emerges that the terror convicts promised to spend the hefty amount of money to the reservists if they found the phone and set free, an offer that the reservists declined. According to reports, no DCI or Anti Terror Police Units has so far visited the scene of the arrest. However, the police reservists are said to be looking for the said mobile phone.

More details have emerged that there are other things which include packagings of painkiller medicines and three used water bottles that have been found at the scene of the arrest. Moreover, a bottle that contained a mixture of sugar, water and maize meal was recovered. It has emerged that the terror convicts were allegedly surviving on raw maize flour and sugar after running out of supplies.

More details have also emerged that a note containing contacts was recovered. This would however help the investigators in tracking the communication between the convicts and the owners of the contacts indicated on the note.

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