What One Terrorist Begged Police to Do to Him After They Were Arrested as Those Who Witnessed Speak


The end of the road for the escape plan of Joseph Juma, Musharraf Abdalla and Mohammed Abdi from Kamiti maximum security prison was marked yesterday after they were arrested and taken back to prison. The trio was on the run heading to Somalia.

The three convicts were arrested by security units at a place called Kamuluyuni which is in Mwingi East. The trio was later airlifted to Nairobi by security units using a chopper.

According to details as recorded by police officers in Mwingi East, residents had spotted the three men severally adding that they were hiding in forest. The residents of Endau had also reported that the trio was spotted in the area. In Malalani market, the residents also revealed that the suspects had been spotted adding that they had bought food in the market as other details reveal that they had also been carried by a motorbike operator.

After they were arrested, while trying to make their way to the boarder of Tana River County, reports says that one of the convicted terrorists spoke and told the security officers that it is better to be killed rather than be taken back to the Kamiti Maximum security Prison. Details says that the convict begged the security agents to kill him.

The residents who spoke after the arrest of the convicts says that reports had already spread in the area that the fugitives were in the vicinity, a thing that raised tension among the residents.

A resident of Endau identified as Paul who was among the people that helped police officers arrest the trio said they followed the convicts and one of the suspects was not able to run and was arrested.

Mwaniki also revealed that the other two broke into a run but the security officers chased them and were able to arrest them. That is when one of the convicts pleaded with the police to kill him saying that he had suffered too much in prison. The trio was later airlifted and received by Interior CS back in Kamiti.

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