“Walikua Na Simu” Kitui Man Who Led In The Capture Of 3 Terror Suspects Says Revealing New Details


A man who led Kitui residents in the capture of the three terror suspects who had managed to break out of Kamiti Maximum Prison has finally opened up about the incident.

According to the reports given by the man whose name is yet to be disclosed, he said that he got curious after seeing how the suspects were behaving.

“I was walking by and I saw them going into and out of the bushes. It’s like they were not sure where they were going but all I know is that they had a phone. They were walking in within the thickets but not far away from the road as if they were trying not to get lost in order to get to their destination. I secretly followed them for a while and after checking on my social media accounts, I realized that they were the wanted suspects”, he said.

John not his real name claimed that he immediately alerted the police while making sure that he does not loose the suspects who he said had noticed him and therefore, were trying as much as they could to get away from him. According to John, he revealed that the suspects didn’t understand Kiswahili.

In an incident that happened a few days ago, the three suspects are reported to have fled from Kamiti maximum prison under unclear circumstances. This was followed by a dramatic scene after the police launched a search for them due to the fact that they were considered armed and dangerous.

However, the suspects were arrested by police officers who immediately took them to Mwingi police station after which they took them back to Kamiti Maximum Prison for more investigation and questioning. Interior Cs Matiangi who reacted to this has revealed that they are currently investigating how the suspects fled from the prison.

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