Truth Behind Photo of Viral Eyewitness in Officer’s Uniform


A photo of a man who reportedly helped the apprehension of three convicted terrorists went viral on social media with Kenyans poking holes on his theory that he is a civilian.

In one of the photos that surfaced online, the eyewitness identified as Paul Mwaniki, is seen wearing a uniform belonging to a state security agency, specifically the National Youth Service (NYS).

Kenyans online confused the NYS outfit to one won by prison wardens owing to the colour coding and close-knitting.

“He is a Prison warden?” blogger Robert Alai wondered, prompting hundreds of comments from Kenyans of all divides.

While speaking to, Mwaniki has confirmed that he was the person photographed in the uniform when he served in the National Youth Service (NYS) as an officer some years ago.

He further shared his service number which was 107492 at the time he was serving in the National Youth Service.

“I’m not a prison warden. On August 5, 2009, I was recruited to the NYS. I trained in Gilgil and that is a photo I took while there. People are confusing the NYS beret with that of the prison warden because they are quite similar,” he stated.

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