Horrifying Gunfight as UG Police Kill 5 And Arrest 21 After Tuesday Terror Attacks



Police have shot dead five suspects and arrested 21 people as part of an investigation into twin suicide bombings claimed by the Islamic State group that killed four people on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s explosions were the latest in a string of attacks in the East African country, which has tightened security and mounted an investigation into the bombings, with President Museveni vowing to defeat “the terrorists”.

The attacks in the capital Kampala occurred within minutes of each other, with two suicide bombers on motorbikes disguised as boda-boda motorcyclists detonating a device near Parliament, while a third attacker targeted a checkpoint near the central police station.

The Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni took to his Twitter handle revealing the names of all those who were involved in the shocking incident.

He further warned and promised fire to all those who were associating with the terrorist group that has been giving Ugandans sleepless nights..

According to Museveni, the rogue killers were mere pigs who had been brainwashed by their sheikhs who could not blow themselves up.

Tuesday’s explosions were all orchestrated by suicide bombers and two coos and civilians were left dead.

Locals have been living in fear of late after several shocking attacks in the city and on vehicles.


James.. Why kill a suspect??? I thought keeping them safe helps them understand the mysteries better.

Mose.. Go ahead Kill everyone until u have no one else to kill but yourselves. Olwo Uganda mujisigalemu n’ebisolo, mufuge ebyo anti byo they don’t question or oppose.

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