Tiny Hole Three Terrorists Used to Escape From Kamiti as New Details of a Witness Emerge

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Yesterday turned dramatic at Magereza House after officers stormed the prisons headquarters where the top prisons bosses were whisked by DCI for questioning. The incident was accompanied by the firing of Wycliffe Ogallo who was replaced by Brigadier (Rtd) John Kibaso Warioba. This comes following the mysterious escape of three terrorist convicts from Kamiti maximum security prison.

New details surrounding the escape of the three terrorists from Kamiti have emerged as reports reveals that the trio set up their escape route during routine maintenance work that was going on in the cellblock where they were being held in. The convicts sneaked out via a tiny hole on the wall as seen in the photo below.

However, new details have emerged that there was a man who witnessed the three terrorists escaping. The witness who was in the same cell with the escapees reportedly told officers that he could not have left as he has a pending appeal in High Court over his conviction. However, more details as indicated by the Standard say that the witness had an injury on his right hand which could not have enabled him to scale the high walls of the prison.

It has also emerged that the fugitives may have begun planning the escape about one month ago where they allegedly began drilling the wall. At the same time, the renovation was ongoing in Block 6A. Police believe that the three men knew the structural gaps of the bricks which they exploited and later managed to escape.

Additionally, it has emerged that the convicts used blankets to make ropes which they used to ascend the long prison walls. Investigators have however said that the escape of Joseph Odhiambo, Mohamed Abikar and Musharaf Akhulunga may have occurred with the knowledge of some wardens.

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