“Powerful PS Planned The Escape of Prisoners” ODM Blogger Robert Alai Alleges Gives More Details


The political muscles continue ravaging the country and Kenyans are eagerly waiting to see what will happen in 2022 general elections. The Escape of three prisoners from Kamiti Prison is now creating tension across the Country. President Uhuru Kenyatta has sacked Ogalo and things are getting messy and ugly.

According to Blogger Robert Alai, “I am of the opinion that PS Zeinab Hussein planned and executed the escape of prisoners to remove Ogalo. After the “escape”, Zeinab called a meeting with IG, DCI, Fred Matiangi and KK but locked out Ogalo. From the word go, she decided to prosecute a case to remove Ogalo.

These are some of the reactions, “I am of the same opinion. I think PS Zainabu is behind all this. Look; you frustrate Ogalo and entire Prisons department’s management and they don’t bunge;then you get irritated by their resilience and boom; you plan a perfect plan to get the boss out and scare all juniors.”

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