Judge Chitembwe in Trouble as Martha Koome Digs In


High Court Judge Said Chitembwe is a man of public interest following a leakage that was recently done by former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko. The troubles seem to accumulate after Chief Justice made it clear that the claims will be investigated and justice dispensed to finality.

According to Martha Koome, as JSC they will dig into the matter conclusively and ensure no stone is left unturned. Chitembwe has been caught in a video tape soliciting for bribes through his own brother who revealed he was acting on behalf of the judge.

Martha Koome has vowed to deal with the matter to conclusion so that justice can be served on both parties. The fact of the matter is that some judges have been accused of corrupt dealings denying clients justice finally clearly an interesting matter of public interest.

If found guilty of corruption judge Chitembwe could be removed from office as well with legal consequences which might finally land him in court. However all this is a matter of wait and see of what will unfold finally.

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