2 Possible Reasons Why The 3 Terror Fugitives Were Ferried To Nairobi In A Bell 407 Helicopter

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In the aftermath of their swift capture after spending a couple of days on the run following their controversial escape from the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, the three terror fugitives were given an interesting mode of transport while being taken back to the city.

It has emerged that the three escapees whose names are Mohammed Ali Abikar, Joseph Juma Odhiambo and Musharaf Abdallah Washiali alias Alex Shikanda were just airlifted from Kitui to Nairobi in a plane deployed from the Kamiti prison as reported by NTV below.

I bet you can see in the reactions above that some Kenyans were left in stitches by the move on Facebook. We however sought to enlighten them on the possible reasons why the convicts received this executive treatment.

As you can see in the screenshot above, there’s 161 kilometers between Mwingi where they were captured in Kitui county and the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison in Nairobi.

That distance would’ve called for a 3 hour ride for the security team that was in charge of transporting the escapees had it taken the road assuming there wouldn’t be any traffic jams along the way (something which is not possible).

However, the Bell 407 helicopter that was deployed to ferry them has a top speed of 260km/hr meaning that it would only take the security team around 40 minutes to take the escapees back to where they belong.

The security agencies were trying to minimize the risk of attack by the escapees, their facilitators or sympathizers between Kitui and Nairobi.

The other advantage that came with using a chopper in ferrying the escapees is that the possibilities of the security team being attacked by gunmen seeking to rescue them was reduced if not eliminated.

There have been numerous cases of escapees being rescued by gangs while on the road after being captured and the Kenyan Anti-Terror Police Unit couldn’t risk repeating the mistakes of other security organs elsewhere.

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