Revealed How Kamiti Terrorist Escaped Prison

New details are now showing that the three terror convicts who escaped from the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison drilled a wall through their cell and scaled a 10-foot perimeter wall in their daring prison break.

What are boggling detectives is the ease at which the terror suspects escaped from the highly secured prison without any of the many armed prison wardens noted.

It took prison authorities eight hours to note that the convicts had escaped from jail and they did not report it until later that day.

Could it have been an insider job? Did prison wardens aid the convicts in their escape? These are some of the questions that investigative officers are seeking to answer.

Six people including three suicide bombers have been confirmed dead after two explosions ripped through Uganda’s Capital Kampala Tuesday morning.

Kenyan universities demonstrated the research development and innovative ideas on space during the Kenya Space Agency research grand award ceremony in Nairobi. JKUAT, University of Nairobi, Technical University of Kenya, Moi University, and Kenyatta university were among the teams.

The University of Nairobi, comprising of three faculty, and eleven students, developed the multidisciplinary project. The task was to develop a structure of a nanosatellite, while the geospatial/space technology team made the satellite camera.

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