Ministry of Education Announces Changes to School Calendar


The Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Education has made changes to the School Calendar as learners across the country prepare to go for a short break. The normal school routine was affected by the COVID-19 virus which affected normal learning in schools across the World.

The Ministry of Education had announced the latest changes in the School calendar which are expected to take place after learners resume from the Short break. The inter-school games will resume after more than 18 months of absence.

@citizentvkenya Inter-school games set to resume after more than 18 months absence occasioned by Covid-19, Ministry of Education announces.

The Government had suspended inter-school games due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The recent increase in school unrest has been attributed to boredom due to a lack of school games. Various stakeholders in the Education Sector have urged the Government to reintroduce school games to break monotony among learners.

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