Heavily Armed Commandos Take Over Nairobi CBD Security After Uganda’s Bombing (PHOTOS)


Africa was put in a state of shock on Tuesday after a terrorist attack occurred on Ugandan soil. According to reports from various news houses, the Ugandan attack was carried out by a suicide bomber.

Uganda which is a neighbouring country to Kenya has so far confirmed that several citizens died in the mid-morning attack.

Following the attack, Kenya immediately reacted with the department of Interior ministry sending officers to various areas including the Kenya-Uganda border.

Further, fully armed special forces officers were deployed in Kenya’s capital city sending Citizens in a state of shock.

However, NPS through their official pages has asked Kenyans to remain calm as the security teams seen on the streets are there to protect and block any kind of attack as that seen on our neighbour.

“The National Police Service assures the public of their security and safety following terror-related incidences in our neighbouring country earlier today. Our sympathies to victims and families who were affected by such an atrocious act. We have activated our security,” part of NPS’s statement.

Military trucks and armoured vehicles are currently deployed in various parts of the CBD for security reasons. Kenyans have been urged to remain calm and proceed on with their normal routine.

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