Who Taught the First Teacher?

first Teacher

Who is the first teacher?

Confucius (561 B.C.), one of the most influential men in history, became the first independent Teacher. He was born into a family of nobles who had a difficult time, finding himself a young man hungry for knowledge and without a place to drink, as the Royal Family and the nobles were not allowed to go to school.

Consider trying a new video game. You can start playing right away without finishing the tutorial or reading any instructions.

You’ll look great in a few weeks, and you’ll be able to show your friend/cousin how to play, even though you never taught them! The same can be said of anything else.

first Teacher

But what about the first teacher, who ever lived? However, while we may not know who the real ‘teacher‘ was, we can conclude that the person who taught the first teacher was also a self-taught scholar and/or philosopher of some kind, who shared his knowledge with a proto-willing student, who would continue to teach his proto students, until they were able to put together a syllabus, and in time, they were able to produce great minds that would teach Prodikos, who would teach. Socrates, and so forth, and so forth.


Also, it was the ancient Greeks (again, the ancient Egyptians) who began to think about the idea of creating books for students to read. Plato and other philosophers of his day wrote down their philosophies in long volumes and passed them on from one reader to another.

It was not until the introduction of the Johannes Gutenberg printing press that mass production of books became possible and, as a result, mass production of textbooks.

One of the first books to be produced and distributed was Ars Minor, a compilation of basic Latin grammar by Aelius Donatus.

In America, the first text used was the Bible, since education was primarily based on religion.

first Teacher

However, the first widely used educational textbooks were the 18th-century New England Primer and 19th-century McGuffey Reader.

The New England Primer was a study guide that sought to improve children’s reading and comprehension skills by using selected texts from the Puritan Bible.

At that time, McGuffey Reader was a textbook that incorporated phonics, mathematics, and theology, and was used to help students get a complete education that was not entirely based on religion.

first Teacher

Who Taught the first Teacher Summary

First TeacherConfucius
Year561 B.C.
According to greek Mythologythe god Chiron
First books to be producedArs Minor
Origin of the first bookancient Greeks

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