Rhonda Worthey: What Happened to Troy Aikman’s Ex-wife

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The real reason why Troy Aikman and Rhonda Worthey divorced is still not known.

The couple made it clear that they would remain committed to their relationships with their children, as they were granted equal custody over the girls.

Each day that passes, stories of celebrity divorces rule the airwaves, this is the same case with Troy Aikman and Rhonda Worthey. In April 2011, the couple separated a divorce that sparked reactions on social media.

So what happened to Troy Aikman and Rhonda Worthey?

Rhonda Worthey became famous after she got married to the NFL superstar Troy Aikman. The two had a rather successful marriage which was as a result of dating a bond that led to their marriage.

Their bond became stronger and they were blessed with two children Ashley and Alexa Aikman. With a great surprise, the two decided to quit.

Rhonda and Aikman’s Story – What Happened?

Troy Aikman and Rhonda Worthey love story date back to 1998 where they dated for approximately one and a half years before they settled down.

Troy Aikman and Rhonda Worthey got married in April 2000 at Troy’s mansion in Plano, Texas. Their firstborn daughter was born in August 2001 and their second daughter was born in July 2002.

The couple Aikman and Rhonda spent 10 years later together after they decided to end their married life together on April 12, 2011. After they were granted a divorce, each one of them was granted equal custody over their daughters.

Troy has been in another relationship whereas Rhonda’s current relationship is still single and has not remarried since her divorce.

Rhonda Worthey

What Caused the Divorce of Troy Aikman and Rhonda Worthey

The real reason for what happened between the both of them is still unknown. They came out to say they were divorcing but did not exactly say why they were divorcing.

They stated that they were going to be as committed as they were before with their children since they all had equal custody.

According to Troy, the decision of the separation was a difficult one as they had been living together for 11 years. By the look of things, they had been having some trouble over the years.

Rhonda Worthey from Real Housewives of Dallas

The real housewives show is one of the biggest reality TV shows in the United States. It focuses on the high living profile women. The show started back in 2012 and Rhonda is known to be one of the stars in the reality television show.

Prior to the show’s debut, there were rumours that she would be among the cast members of the show. The disappointment strike after a release that Rhonda would not be part of the cast despite being a high profile woman, thanks to her marriage to Troy Aikman.

Rhonda Worthey’s Arrest and Public Scandal

After one and a half years after her divorce, Troy Aikman’s ex-wife Rhonda Worthey was arrested at a high school for being drunk in public. She was taken to Collin County jail near Plano. The police did not release more info about her arrest.

She was released from jail the same day on a $269 bond she Rhonda Worthey has not been in any scandal again.

Rhonda Worthey’s net worth

Rhonda Worthey net worth is estimated to be at $10 Million. After her divorce from Troy Aikman, she was paid $1.75 million. She also got a house worth $1.5 million and $1.7 million for child support.

The couple divided their property between themselves months before they separated. She also earns from her reality Televisions shows, her net worth is expected to rise in the future.

Rhonda Worthey’s Measurements

Rhonda Worthey was born on May 2, 1970, she is 51 years old. Her exact body measurements are still not known. Her face is white and her hair colour is blonde.

Where is Rhonda now?

Rhonda is currently living in the Dallas mansion that she bought after the separation. She has gained less attention from the media after her divorce. There is no news about her career. She is focused on raising her kids as a single mother.

Her ex-husband seems to live a perfect life. He has found love and is married to Catherine Mooty, a fashion retailer.

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