MP Caught Red-handed Satisfying Himself in Bed with Another MPs Wife Thinking he was Far

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As the political temperature is increasing in the country, a Member of Parliament from the northern part of the country was caught red-handed engaging in the act with another member of parliament’s wife thinking that he had travelled far away and was not reporting back in his house anytime soon.

While in a trembling state, the member of parliament whose name has been hidden for security reasons had no option but to wet his clothes. The member of parliament is said to be married to very many women but still chose to engage in the act with his colleague’s wife. However, his session was cut short after the owner of the house unexpectedly made his move back to his house catching the duo enjoying their moments.

After catching his colleague red-handed chewing his wife, the lawmaker went for his gun and pointed at the man who was practicing infidelity with his wife. In a shocking state, the adulterous man emptied his bowels, luckily, his bodyguard heard the gunshots and intervened the premise.

Since the bodyguard wanted the war to end, he pleaded with the MP to forgive his counterpart. The man however forced the duo to clear the mess before being kicked out of the house for practicing infidelity.

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