How to Delete Bookmarks and Favorites on Mac (Safari & Chrome & Firefox)


Delete Bookmarks and Favorites on Mac (Safari & Chrome & Firefox): Bookmarks make it easy for internet surfers to create and save their favourite pages in the bookmarks list on Mac. Whether you’re watching movies, listening to music, shopping or reading articles, logging into your email services, etc., you can easily bookmark the website links for easy reference next time.

However, you may have noticed that some of the bookmarks are gone, or that the bookmarks from a website are cluttered with many links. Over time, your navigation will get messed up.

To solve the problem, you need to delete bookmarks from your Mac.

We’ll discuss that next.

This page is a comprehensive guide to removing one or more folders, including bookmarks, from your Mac, including clearing the Reading List.

Part 1. How to Delete Bookmarks on Mac [Safari]

Whether you want to delete a bookmark or multiple bookmarks from a favorites folder or another folder, you can even remove the entire bookmarks folder. This is very easy to do in Safari.

How to delete one / multiple / folder bookmarks on Mac

  • Edit bookmarksRun Safari on your Mac . Click ” Bookmarks ” in the top menu and select the ” Edit Bookmarks ” option from the drop-down list.
  • Delete bookmarks from Safari on MacHere you can see all the bookmarks that have been classified by the various folders.Delete one or more bookmarks : Navigate to the bookmarks folder> Expand the folder name list> Right-click (Control-click) the bookmark and click ” Delete ” to remove the bookmark from the list remove.If you have multiple deletions, you will need to repeat the steps to delete the bookmarks one by one.
  • Delete Bookmarks Folder : Navigate to the Bookmarks Folder> Right-Click (Control-click) the folder name> Click ” Delete ” to remove the entire Bookmarks folder from Safari on Mac.

How to delete bookmarks from Safari on Mac from the sidebar

Aside from the bookmark editor, you can give away Safari’s bookmarks from the sidebar.

  • show sidebarRun Safari on Mac> Click the ” Show Sidebar ” button in front of the address bar.
  • Delete Reading Lists and Bookmarks from Safari on MacThen you will see Safari in the Bookmarks tab by default.As before , select the one bookmark or bookmark folder.> Right-click (Ctrl + click) the bookmark and click “. Delete ” to delete the bookmark from the list.
  • Another tab is “Reading List,” which shows you all of the links you’ve added, including all and unread.Select a Reading List link, right-click (Control-click) the link and click ” Remove Item ” to remove Reading List from Safari on Mac.

Part 2. How to Remove Bookmarks on Mac (Chrome)

Another browser on Mac is Chrome for Mac. The steps below are a complete guide on how to remove bookmarks from Chrome on Mac.

  • Open the Bookmark Manager on the MacRun Chrome on the Mac. Click ” Bookmarks ” in the menu and click ” Bookmark Manager “.
  • Delete bookmarks from Chrome on MacIn the Bookmarks Manager, expand the Bookmarks folder to select one or more bookmarks (Shift) and right-click (Control-click) to select “Select”. Delete “to delete the bookmarks from Chrome.For the bookmarks folder, all you need to do is right click on the folder name to get “Delete”.

Part 3. How to Remove Bookmarks on Mac (Firefox)

Aside from the built-in Safari browser, some of you may use Firefox as your default browser to save a lot of bookmarks. Deleting bookmarks from Firefox on Mac is also very easy.

  • Show bookmarks in FirefoxRun Firefox on the Mac. Click Bookmarks in the menu and select Show All Bookmarks.
  • Delete bookmarks (folder)Then all the bookmarks are displayed as 3 types. Bookmarks Toolbar , Bookmarks Menu, and Other Bookmarks .Click on one of them and navigate to the bookmark you want to delete> Right-click (Control-click)> Click ” Delete ” to remove the bookmarks from Safari.For the bookmarks folder, all you need to do is right-click (Control-click) the name and ” Delete ” to remove the entire bookmarks folder on the Mac.

Part 4. Pro tip to manage Mac data

By clearing bookmarks on Mac, you can manage the navigation of your browser. This is also the way to protect your browsing privacy, especially if you are lending or selling the Mac to others.

If your purpose is the former, then the solutions above will do for you. However, if you want to delete the bookmark in order to protect your privacy, you should remove the bookmarks permanently.

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