“He Will Win” Atwoli Now Sends Coded Message to Ruto as OKA-Uhuru Cracks Widen Ahead of 2022


Central Organization for Trade Unions Secretary-General Hon Dr. Francis Atwoli has for the second time delivered a coded message to DP William Ruto, informing him to start packing him belongs since the 2022 Poll is a done deal.

According to the report by the Monday standard, Hon Francis Atwoli has reported that it’s now clear and evident that the ODM Party Leader Hon Raila Odinga will the 2022 presidential election, unlike before when his (Ruto) thought that things were good. He has also warned that any attempt to fail to strike a deal with the ODM Party Leader, it’s the OKA leaders who will stand to lose because Raila has the required Numbers.

At the same time, the latest reports from the standard have indicated that the Relationship between President Uhuru Kenyatta and the OKA Leaders has now traveled to the world of no return, even as it remains clear that the Group had tuned down Uhuru’s Request to have them Re-Unite with Raila.

“Sources within Oka told the Star the principals are becoming uncomfortable with the invites as they may create perceptions “that they are not keen on the presidency,” The star reported.

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