USA Warns Kenya of A Looming Terrorist Attack And Explosions Around These Areas Within Nairobi


Over time, the United States of America, USA has been cooperating with Kenya on security issues both inside and outside the country. In some cases, the US has provided military assistance to Kenya with regard to finance and equipment. Moreso, USA, has been warning Kenya of any possible terrorist attacks within Kenya’s borders.

Now, today, there have been reports of a warning by US security forces to Kenya about the terrorist attacks in Nairobi. As reported by, the USA has warned Kenya that there could be attacks on the Kibera and Eastleigh informal settlements. Other areas where crime may occur include hotels, clubs, foreign embassies and tourist resorts. The USA has warned Kenyans that they are very serious when visiting these places.

“The United States has cited allegations of attacks on locals and immigrants as reasons for tourism. The Eastleigh and Kibera slums have also been placed in red light as the Ambassador warns that residents may be robbed or abducted. ” Says The

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