Home Screen Layout Locked On Samsung- How to Unlock

home screen layout

To unlock to home screen Layout on Samsung and other phone brands. you need to tap on an empty space on the home screen, move to settings, tap on the toggle lock home screen layout and turn it off. This will solve the home screen layout locked issue.

There have been challenges on some phones such as that you cannot move items to your home screen layout in Samsung, Redmi, Oppo and other android phones.

How to Unlock Home Screen Layout in Samsung, Realme, Oppo, Redmi and Other Android Phones

Android phones are mostly used than iPhones. There are a lot of smartphone brands but the popular brands are Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Realme and Samsung.

The home screen layout is found in all these android devices. The home screen layout is used to organize widgets and applications in your phone.

Home Screen Layout

How do I Unlock my Home Screen Layout ?

To unlock your home screen layout;

  • Open the Settings menu on your android phone
  • Scroll and tap on the home screen
  • Select the home screen layout
  • If it is checked, you need to disable it

What is Home Screen Lock Layout

If your home screen is locked, this means that you cannot add or delete the application widget from the home screen. The home screen lock is important if you do not want to delete your applications by mistake.

If you have accidentally deleted your applications from the home screen, then you need to enable the home screen lock.

Why is my Home Screen Layout Locked?

By default, some phones come pre-configured with the home screen layout locked, this is mostly to avoid accidental deletion of applications from your home screen. You can remove this restriction easily by disabling the home screen lock from your phone settings.

The home screen lock has been there since Android Pie was launched. This feature is found in almost all Android phone brands. The home screen layout serves many purposes.

Advantages of Home Screen Layout Lock

  • It prevents you from deleting or removing icons from your phone.
  • Prevents your from resizing widgets.
  • Prevents you from deleting your applications accidentally.

When your home screen layout is locked, it prevents people from making changes from the home screen. You can still scroll through the different widgets and still not interfere with the normal functioning of the phone.

Home screen layout locks are important especially if you have children around your phone. Children are quite notorious in grabbing your phone. This could make them delete some important files, links or even applications only saved at the home screen.

How to Unlock Home Screen Layout on Samsung 2021

To unlock the home screen on Samsung,

  • Long press on the home screen
  • Select on Settings
  • Hit the toggle ON home screen button.

How to Unlock Your Home Screen on Samsung

To unlock the home screen is as easy as locking the home screen. Here is how to do it:

How to Unlock your Home Screen on Samsung
– Long press the home screen
– Go to settings
– Tap on the home screen
– Tap on the toggle called Lock Home screen layout to turn it off
How to Unlock Your Home Screen on Samsung

Video Showing how to Solve the Home Screen Layout Locked On Samsung

These are the easy steps to solve the locked home screen layout. Did you love the article, please let us know in the comments section below.

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