Top 8 PDF to Speech Android Converter Apps FREE ❤️‍?

Pdf to Speech Android Converter – Do you have many articles, books, review notes but you have limited time to go through each one of them? Worry no more, an eBook reader is of great help especially if you are walking around or jogging. The applications are called text-to-speech Android converter applications.

The best Pdf to speech android converters are:

  • PdfSpeaker
  • Voice Aloud Reader – Read Aloud
  • NaturalReader Text to Speech
  • eReader Prestigio: Book Reader
  • Xodo PDF Reader & Editor
  • Evie -The eVoice book reader
  • Pdf studio
  • Libera reader- free voice reader

PDF to Speech Android Converter in 2021

1. PdfSpeaker

Pdf speaker is a tool that creates audio profiles from your PDF. The interface of this application is very easy to use, it looks very similar to the file system application in most Android phones. All you need to do is to navigate through the application and find the PDF you want to listen to.

A click on the PDF results in a pop where the content is. To control the audio, there is an option for audio playback on the top of the screen.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PdfSpeaker – PDF to Speech Converter Android

The voice is used in the tool is very clearToo many advertisements in the application
The accent in the application is very user friendlyThe application’s interface is very poor, this makes it very challenging to navigate to the application.
The application does not require Internet and works very fast.Does not allow multiple saving of audio files. You can only save the audio files with. WAV formats
The application allows you to save the audio-only in. WAV format
Top 8 Android PDF to Speech Converter Apps – FREE

Note: PdfSPeaker is only convenient for Wav formats.

2. Voice Aloud Reader – Read Aloud

Voice Aloud Reader is a free PDF text to speech application, @Voice Aloud Reader converts text to audio. The biggest advantage of Voice Aloud Reader is that it supports text, HTML, and PDF files.

How to use Voice Aloud Reader PDF to Speech Converter Android

The application’s main screen displays the documents you have loaded for conversion. If you tap on the upper left corner you will see the multiple reading lists where you can categorize your documents.

You can add files by pressing the plus button at the end of the screen. If you select an item from the list, you can view the contents from that list. To view the different controls such as play, stop, and next, you need to navigate to the bottom of the page.

You have the ability to change the pitch, speed, and volume. You can also change the language and voice. The languages available in Voice Aloud Reader PDF to Speech Converter are Russian, Polish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Korean, and English.

Pros and Cons of Voice Aloud Reader PDF to Speech Converter Android

You can import articles for PocketThe free version is infested with ads. To get the full experience, you need to purchase the full version
You can set pitch, speed, and also change volumeThere are reported bugs from time to time
You can add your preferred names for easier organizationIt is reported that the application crashed from time to time when adding files
Unlike PdfSpeaker, you need to have an active Internet connection
Top 8 Android PDF to Speech Converter Apps – FREE

3. NaturalReader PDF to Speech Converter

NaturalReader is a text to speech application that converts PDF text to audio. From the name, it has many natural sounding voices you can choose from. It has the ability to sync documents to the cloud. NaturalReader also supports TXT, RTF, Word and also PDF.

How to use NaturalReader PDF to Speech Converter Android

On the home screen, the application displays the imported files. The icon with a plus on the right hand allows a person to add text manually. You can select files from Dropbox or Google drive. You can also sync documents with your cloud.

Pdf to Speech Android

If you tap on a file you have imported, it moves you to a page where you can view the document. If you click on the green button at the bottom of the screen, you are able to hear the audio. The settings to change your pitch, voice and font can be accessed by clicking on the gear icon.

Pros and Cons of NaturalReader PDF to Speech Converter

Has a user-friendly design that is easy to usehas no offline support
Voice is natural especially the online version
Has multiple file converts compatibility
The Application is free from adverts
Top 8 Android PDF to Speech Converter Apps – FREE

4. eReader Prestigio: Book Reader

eReader Prestigio is a very convenient ebook reader that has many file supports such as TXT, MOBI, HTML, PDF, EPUB. The eReader Prestigio is a multi-dialect multi-format application that has over 25 languages. It has a library of over 50 thousand books.

When using the application, you can enjoy several features and customize your reading experience eg: set up the font, size, colour and switch between light mode and night mode etc. the eReader Prestigio also allows you to sync between your phone and cloud.

Pros and Cons of NaturalReader PDF to Speech Converter Android

Allows you to customize your application to your desired tasteThere is a privacy policy that the application needs to scan all your files before you convert them to audio
It has an easy to use interfacelarge PDF files take longer to convert
You get access if over 50,000 ebooks right off the box
Top 8 Android PDF to Speech Converter Apps – FREE

5. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Xodo is a fully-fledged Pdf reader annotator and editor. If you download this application, you can read, share, sign, annotate and fill PDF forms. You can also sync your documents with the cloud, this includes Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

The application supports Chinese, English, Italian, and Polish.

You can view Excel, PPT, and Word documentsIt has a functional way of working but has time to time glitches
You can annotate PDF documents
The interface is easy to learn
Top 8 Android PDF to Speech Converter Apps – FREE

6. Evie – The eVoice book reader

Evie is a dynamic pdf to speech converter that works on both Android and iOS. The best feature on Evie, it that you can turn on night mode, and a text highlighter. Unlike others, it shows a table of contents, with the help of an inbuilt timer. You can set the desired time to read and activate the timer.

Pros and Cons of Evie PDF to Speech Converter

Allows Sleep modeDoes not allow background reading
Shows time taken to read a particular bookThe Voice from the reader is not natural
Has options to change voiceDoes not support lower versions of Android
You can copy content using reader
You can read text from the internet directly
Has Google translate inbuilt
Availability to increase and decrease the speech rate
Inbuilt Google and Microsoft TTs
You can pause after each break sentence
Top 8 Android PDF to Speech Converter Apps – FREE

7. PDF Studio PDF to Speech Converter

Pdf Studio comes in with a free audio reader and very little ad placement. As the name suggests, it can be used to convert documents to pdf files. So what are the demerits of using Pdf Studio?

Features of PDF Studio

  • The application is very light-weight around 5 Mbs
  • Allows you to Edit Pdf documents
  • Supports different reading modes
  • Has a good free voice
  • You can jump to text during voice reading

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