Pandora Papers Biggest Ever Leak

# Pandora Papers Biggest Ever Leak

The unprecedented Pandora Papers biggest ever leak is a financial document that reveals offshore financial assets withheld by hundreds of politicians and world leaders from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

The Expose was released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists who obtained 11.9 million copies of confidential documents, the Pandora Papers is therefore the biggest ever leak.

More than 600 journalists in over 117 countries have taken part in trawling through the files and identifying the anomalies in their fake publicly announced wealth. The release was done in Washington DC. The Pandora Papers incorporated over 140 media organizations worldwide led by BBC Panorama and the Guardian.

What Has Been Uncovered in the Pandora Papers Biggest Ever Leak

The Pandora Papers include over 6.4 million papers, Close to 3 million images, more than a million emails, and close to half a million spreadsheets. What is known so far?

Pandora Papers Biggest Ever Leak

Uhuru Kenyatta Biggest Family’s Secret Leak

It has been revealed that the family of President Uhuru Kenyatta are secretly owning a network of companies for years now. This is according to the Pandora Big Leak.

Uhuru Kenyatta and his six families have been linked to 13 offshore companies. The average net-worth of the offshore untaxed investments is worth Ksh 3,316,500,000 ($30m).

They were discovered under huge amounts of investigations and paperwork from the archives from 14 law firms, service providers in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), and Panama among other tax havens.

A Foundation called Varies was created in 2003 in Panama naming Uhuru Kenyatta’s mother Ngina Kenyatta (88) as the first benefactor. And in case she passed away, Kenya’s Leader Uhuru Kenyatta would take over the assets.

The purpose of the foundation is still unknown. There is no reliable estimate of Kenyatta’s wealth. In a heated debate with BBC in 2018, Uhuru stated,

“As I have always stated, what we own – what we have – is open to the public. As a public servant, I’m supposed to make my wealth known and we declare every year,

In his defense to the Pandora Papers, Uhuru Kenyatta dodged the question and applauded the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists stating that they are the key to exposing corruption and enhancing financial transparency in Kenya and around the globe.

“The Pandora Papers and subsequent follow-up audits will lift that veil of secrecy and darkness for those who can not explain their assets or wealth. Thank you.”

Other Assets Exposed

  • Client 13173
  • $30m in stocks and bonds owned by Muhoho

Tory Donor – Involved in Europe’s Biggest Corruption Scandal

King Jordan Spending Spree on Properties in UK and US

Azerbaijan’s Family involvement in property deals worth more than£400m

Czech prime minister’s Faliure to announce offshore investments to purchase French Villas worth around £12m

The Pandora Papers Biggest Ever Leak Summarized:

How big is the Pandora compared to other leaks and how big is it actually. Here is a table to summarize the biggest leak:

Pandora Papers Biggest Ever Leak

Pandora Papers Files Break-Down

Other Documents886,923
Pandora Papers Biggest Ever Leak

How Big is the Pandora Leak Compared to Other Leaks?

The table below shows why the Pandora Paper is the Biggest Leak compared to other leaks in History:

Offshore Leaks2013260 Gb2.5 million
Panama Papers20162.6 Tb11.5 million
Paradise Papers20171. 4 Tb13.4 Million
Pandora Papers20212.94 Tb11.9 Million
Pandora Papers Biggest Ever Leak

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