Frances Swaggart Biography: Husband, Family, Net Worth, House

If aging like fine wine was a person, then Frances Swaggart would be the ideal brand ambassador. The Christian minister is still doing what she does best even at age 84. Frances Swaggart is still on the TVs gracing the screens. She has supported her husband Jimmy Swaggart as he expanded his ministry throughout the entire world.

Her summary biography is that Frances Swaggart is the wife of a prominent gospel minister Jimmy Swaggart. Her full name is Frances Anderson Swaggart. Frances Swaggart was born on August 9, 1937, in America, the actual place of her birth is not known. She has only one child, Donnie Swaggart.

To some women, being the wife of a minister is quite a hard job. This means you need to put away your dreams and become a submissive wife. However, Frances Swaggart has learned to thrive despite the odds. So who is Frances Swaggart and what is her inspiring story?

Frances Swaggart’s Profile Biography Summary

Here is a table that will summarize Frances Swaggart’s whole Bio:

Full name:Frances Anderson Swaggart
Nickname:Frances Date of birth: August 9, 1937
Zodiac sign:Leo
Age:84 years old (as of 2021)
Place of birth:United States of America
Current residence:Baton Rouge, Lousiana
Marital status:Married
Spouse:Jimmy Swaggart
Profession:TV personality, author, pastor, entrepreneur
Frances Swaggart’s net worth:$10 million
Height:5 feet, 5 inches
Facebook:Frances Swaggart
Twitter:Frances Swaggart

Frances Anderson Swaggart’s Biography

Frances was born on 9th August 1937, in America. However, it is not really known what state Frances was born in, her family’s background still remains a mystery.

Frances Anderson Swaggart attended early education but the institution’s names are still not known. She was brought up in a Christian home and Anderson Swaggart gave her life to Christ when she was still a teenager.

Frances Swaggart Ministry

Frances Swaggart is a talented lady. All that she has, she uses for the glory of God. Besides being Jimmy Swaggart’s co-worker, she is the mother of 1 and also an author. Frances Swaggart has written books that include Modern Babylon (2006) and And Sarah Saw (2016).

More to this, Frances Anderson Swaggart is the host of Frances and Friends which airs on Sonlife Radio Network and Sonlife Broadcasting Network. On the show, she talks about the challenges of being a Christian in modern society and how to overcome them. The show tackles questions from listeners all over the world.

Frances Swaggart is also the Head of Finance in the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. She is also in charge of the workforce which has over 255 employees.

Her husband Jimmy Swaggart has lauded her for her perfect management skills Jimmy says she can even manage General Motors because of her brilliant management skills.

Frances Swaggart Marriage

Frances is famous for being Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart’s wife. It is believed that the two met in a concert where Jimmy was playing music.

Jimmy and Frances Swaggart got married on October 10th, 1952. They have been blessed with one child Donnie Swaggart who was born in 1954. Donnie is currently following in his parent’s footsteps.

Frances Swaggart has three beautiful grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren who include three boys and five girls.

The couple went through a lot of financial difficulties when they got married since their ministry was not well established. Jimmy Swaggart has several part-time jobs which fend for the family at the stage.

Jimmy Swaggart’s Infidelity to Frances Swaggart

In 1988, Jimmy Swaggart was involved in a scandal with a prostitute. According to the Jimmy was accused by his fellow minister Marvin Gorman, who had confronted him for having multiple affairs.

It is believed that Marvin hired his son and son-in-law to track Jimmy. They placed a hidden camera in a hotel room. Jimmy Swaggart was seen coming in with a prostitute.

This later led to a heated confrontation between the two.

After the incident, Swaggart confessed his sins to his congregation in a tearful speech.

However, this was not the last time. In 1991, he was again caught in a scandal with another prostitute, the prostitute claimed that Jimmy stopped his car and asked for sex. Unlike what he stated earlier, he told the congregation it was none of their business.

These actions defrocked the church and his son Donnie announced that his father had stepped down temporarily as the head of the ministry for healing and counseling.

Despite the ups and downs in their marriage, the couple is still together. They will soon celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary.

Frances Swaggart’s Net worth

The Celebrity Net Worth indicates that Frances Swaggart has an impressive net worth of $10 million. Her source of wealth is from her books as an author.

Frances Swaggart’s home is in Baton Rouge approximated to be $1.5 million. The 9337 square foot mansion has to gold swans and spouts water into an eight-foot long tub.

Jimmy Swaggart is also valued at $10 million. Jimmy’s investments apart from his church are; Sonlife Radio Network, a Bible College recorded to $150 million in revenue.

Frances Swaggart in hospital

Is Frances Swaggart in good health? Yes, Frances Swaggart is in good health and does not have any ailments. There are rumors that she went through a procedure to make her look younger.

She also underwent a knee procedure and has recovered from it.

Frances has lived a balanced life. She is 80-year-old but looks 60 .

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