“Pambana Na Hali Yako” Hon. Waruguru Says After Being Attacked By Kenyans Over Her Moses Kuria Post

Honorable Cate Waruguru has replied to Gatundu South member of parliament, Honorable Moses Kuria who posted their private chat where the honorable Cate Waruguru told him that he was not going to have Peace.

In a post that was uploaded by the honorable member of parliament, Moses Kuria posted a screenshot where Waruguru wished him no peace despite the fact that he is currently in hospital. Captioning his post, Moses Kuria thanked honorable Cate Waruguru for her wishes adding that he was praying that her prayers doesn’t work.

Hitting back at this post, Cate Waruguru said that it was so unfortunate that the honorable member of parliament was allegedly looking for sympathy despite the fact that he had allegedly abused women in different occasions.

She accused Moses Kuria of carrying the trophy of the most insensitive leader among all the Kenyan leaders adding that honorable Moses Kuria should have known that children, women along with dead parents have emotions too whenever he decided to abuse them for unknown reasons.

Her remarks sparked Alot of mixed reactions from a number kenyans and with others congratulating her for speaking up, others went ahead and accused her of being insensitive.

However, she went ahead and wished him a quick recovery. To those who might not know, honorable Moses Kuria has been in hospital for a while after undergoing a surgery where he has been visited by a number of politicians who are allied to the deputy president of Kenya along with the deputy president himself.

In her latest post, honorable Cate Waruguru has called out kenyans for allegedly attacking her for speaking ill of Moses Kuria while he’s still in hospital. According to her, she claimed that when man attacks a woman its all good adding that when it’s the other way around, things take a turn.

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