Why Pray at 3 am in the Morning

3 am

3 am Prayer in the morning: In every Christian’s life, prayer should be their daily bread. It is important to be prayerful if you do not want to fall into sin.

If you start praying at 3 am you will win spiritual battles, praying at 3 am makes you become victorious over all forms of powers such boldness only comes during 3 am prayer.

The prayer at 3 am is not just about airing out our demands to God, but rather listening to what He has to say to us.

Prayer is our time to engage and talk to our heavenly father, it is time we have personally dedicated to hearing what God has to say to us. All prayer is listening more than speaking.

We will share the most important reason why praying at 3 am is essential especially for intercessory prayers. Intercessory prayers are prayers dedicated to friends, family, and even your career.

3 am

Why 3 am Morning Prayer is Important to a Christian

The most significant and effective prayer you can ever make is the 3 am morning prayer. The prayers work in:


The most dangerous hour of the night is 00:00 hours to 3 am. As a Christian, this is the hour you should be spiritually awake. The devil’s kingdom is usually at work in this hour of the night.

According to the Bible, 1Kings 6:13-14 clearly says, that the kingdom of darkness is determined, likewise, we should be very unrelenting. The kingdom of God shall be taken by force.

Do you recall the story of Nicodemus, the man who approached Jesus at night? This was a significant moment since he wanted to be delivered from his worldly ways and get born again.

Luke 11:5, is a clear representation of our lives today. This is the story of a young man who visits his friends at night, asks for bread.

We should also be relentless as we minister in the 3 am prayer, let us seek and we shall find, let us knock and it shall be opened. At 3 am, fight against the powers of darkness and ask for a divine breakthrough.

Pray for Deliverance at 3 am

The story of Paul and Silas who were prisoned for the good cause of Christ is a good example of why we should pray at 3 am. During midnight, the bible says that the duo started to pray and worship praising God.

All of a sudden, their chains and the prison gates were opened: Acts 16:25

The best time to ask for deliverance is 3 am in the morning. The Lord will listen to your prayers and break off the chains from your life. Whether it’s the chain of addiction, poverty, rejection, unemployment, and more. There is nothing God cannot do.

Prophesy Into Your day

The habit of Jesus was that He prayed before the day has begun. When it was still dark, this is according to Mark 1:35. the 3 am hour is the best time to speak greatness into your day.

As the children of God, we have been given the authority to command and claim things in the name of God. This means success in our household, blessings, and prosperity.

Praying at 3 am shows commitment, this is because you have sacrificed your sleep to show how eager you are to serve God. in praying at 3 am you are allowing God to bless you.

Read more about praying without ceasing in Thessalonians 5:17.

Other reasons Why Praying at 3 am is Important

It is important to pray at all times. BUT Yes, 3 o’clock in the morning is a very special time to serve God.

I will try to explain it this way. Suppose you want to buy something. To buy it first you need to pay a fee.

When you pray to God, you are talking to the Creator of the Universe, the Great I AM. In the same way, it is right for you to sacrifice your time to come into His presence.

You have to do something extraordinary to show He is Great.

By waking up at 3 am in the morning and praying shows that you value being in His presence more than your sleep. It shows love, devotion, and commitment.

3 am is the time when the whole world is asleep. Even the spirit realm is silent. During this time you can easily communicate with the Spirit of God, and you can be sure that your worship will rise like a sweet fragrance on His altar, without obstacles from evil spirits.

Your time when you are completely alone with God.

Prayer and supplication at this time will enable you to grow spiritually and deepen your relationship with God. You will come to know Him more intimately and deeply.

God loves it. Seriously. He will be waiting to meet you, even before you wake up. Also, you do not need an alarm clock. He will awaken you with love. It’s a good experience.

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