Thomas Fitzpatrick: The Drunk Man Who Stole a Plane

Thomas Fitzpatrick Biography: Thomas Edward Fitzpatrick was born on April 24, 1930, and passed away on September 14, 2009. His nickname was Tommy Fitz for his two flights. Thomas was an American pilot who had a good reputation for flying after an intoxicated session.

Thomas Fitzpatrick’s famous flight was from New Jersey to the streets of New York City.

Thomas Fitzpatrick Steals a Plane While Drunk

Around 3 a.m on September 30th, 1956, Fitzpatrick while drunk, stole a single Engine plane from Teterboro School of Aeronautics in Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. One funny thing is that he flew without lights or radio before he landed on St. Nicholas Avenue.

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The irony of the whole story was that he landed a few meters in front of the city bar where he was drinking earlier. The reason why he stole the plane and flew it drunk was that he had made a barroom bet that he could fly from New Jersey to New York in 15 minutes.

According to the New York Times, he was fined $100 after the owner of the plane declined to press charges.

Thomas Fitzpatrick Steals a Plane the Second Time While Drunk

Just before 1 a.m on October 4th, 1958, Thomas Fitzpatrick drunk again stole another plane from the Teterboro airfield and landed in Amsterdam in front of the Yeshiva University building.

The second attempt would not go unpunished. Judge John A. Mullen sent him to six months imprisonment stating that “Had you been properly jolted then, it’s possible this would not have occurred a second time.”

In response, Fitzpatrick claimed that it was the lousy drinks fault that made him attempt the stunt.

Most residents claimed that Fitzpatrick was a terrorist and his goal was to land on the George Washington field and bomb it. In today’s time, if this happened, they would arrest the culprit and call him and detain them forever.

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Delta Airlines Drunk Pilot Steals A Plane

During an air-show by Delta Airlines, a crowd was treated to the most unique experiences in the world. As the crowd watched, the plane was prepared for a flight.

A drunk man appeared looking drowsy and drunk, he cut across the ropes and rushed in into an aircraft. Followed by tight security, the man managed to take off before they could catch up with him.

Of course, this was a show made up. LoL

Delta Air Lines Pilot Arrested for Allegedly Being Drunk Before Flight

Gabriel Lyle Schroeder, 37, was to fly from Minnesota to San Diego when TSA specialists had their doubts.

A Delta Air Lines pilot who was planned to fly from Minnesota to San Diego was captured before the trip for supposedly being inebriated, specialists said.

Gabriel Lyle Schroeder, 37, was arrested via air terminal police at Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport.

Air terminal representative Patrick Hogan disclosed to NBC News that Schroeder drew doubt after Transportation Security Administration specialists saw him escape an evaluating line for team individuals where they were directing extra screening.

Schroeder, in the end, got back in line yet air terminal police had as of now been informed and he was given two toxicology tests, one of which showed that he was inebriated, Hogan said.

The outcomes for the subsequent test are forthcoming.

Schroeder, of Rosemount, Minnesota, was additionally observed to convey a container of liquor.

He was brought to prison and later delivered. He has not officially been charged.

A Delta representative declined to remark on whether Schroeder will confront disciplinary activity and said the carrier is helping out specialists.

“Delta’s liquor strategy is among the strictest in the business and we cannot bear infringement,” the representative said.


Thomas Fitzpatrick Personal Life

Thomas was a steamfitter with a local company in New York for around 51 years. According to his brother’s statement, Fitzpatrick lied about his age so that he could take part in World war II and fight for the U.S marine.

Before joining the Marines, he learns to fly the reconnaissance plane. He was stationed in Japan and Thomas Fitzpatrick became the first American to be wounded in Korea.

According to the reports filed, Thomas was wounded while driving an ammo truck to rescue American Soldiers trapped. He received a medal for his service.

Thomas Fitzpatrick Death

He was a resident of Washington Township, Fitzpatrick died of cancer on September 14, 2009. He had three sons; Stephen P. Fitzpatrick, Thomas E. Fitzpatrick Jr, Daniel Fitzpatrick. His wife’s name was Helen (Fratinardo) Fitzpatrick

Thomas Fitzpatrick Legacy

Fitzpatrick left a legacy as a man who stole and drove a plane while drink.

He also has a mixed drink named after him called “Late Night Flight”.

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