Jabaar: Mount View Teacher Impregnates Student


Jabaar: A teacher has been fired after news he that he had impregnated his student

The man paid for the girl’s abortion when she was five months pregnant, a Western Cape education department official told a mediator who was chairing a case of misconduct.

Arthi Singh-Bhoopchand also stated that the father of a schoolgirl once withdrew his complaint about a teacher, with the intention of paying.


Jabaar the man who impregnated his student did not get in any disciplinary hearing, which sparked a WhatsApp exchange with a former schoolgirl and a Cape Town teacher and what Singh-Bhoopchand called “their pictures together in critical situations”.

The student, who was young at the time and had an affair with Jabaar in 2019, also did not attend the Zoom hearing.

During a hearing at the Education Labor Relations Council, Lauren Randall, assistant director of the Western Cape Education Department, testified that the girl told the principal of Mount View High School in Hanover Park in November 2019 that Jabaar had made her pregnant and afterward paid for her abortion.


Fathers Take

According to Randall, the girl’s father dismissed the complaint shortly after the investigation began, stating that Jabaar had decided to marry his daughter.

When the teacher failed to follow the plan, the complaint was renewed and dismissed after an agreement was reached between Jabaar’s family and the school girl’s family.

Randall, on the other hand, said the department had received legal advice for the investigation to continue.


Jabaar was confronted with the evidence presented by the girl, according to Fry, whose response was “it was all true.” He said he had broken his promise to marry the student since he was already married and his wife was expecting another child.

“Mr. Fry closed his testimony by saying that he saw that the student spoke freely in the absence of his father and that his fate seemed to be controlled by his father,” Singh-Bhoopchand said.

In the absence of the girl and Jabaar, the mediator said he was willing to accept the testimony of the authorities “in view of the seriousness of the misconduct and the purpose of justice.”

“Their story is reinforced by documentary evidence,” he continued. The people in the pictures are in a relaxed state … The student and the employee have both been identified.

“Pictures do not show teacher/student relationships; instead, they show two people in a physical relationship.

The Verdict

He fired Jabaar from his post and took him to another school in the Western Cape, saying his teaching qualification would be revoked after he was found guilty.

High School Pregnancy Teacher FIRED

Cape Town – The Education and Labor Relations Council (ELRC) has fired a former Mount View Secondary School teacher who was found guilty of misconduct, having sex with his student, impregnating the child, and later paying for an abortion.

Western Cape Education Department (WCED) right-wing human resources manager Lauren Randall confirmed that his expertise began to recall claims when they received a standard letter from the headmaster, stating that the subject was intended for her on November 14, 2019, and that her teacher had impregnated her.

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