Kill Rats Instantly Using Salt And Detergents at Home

Salt and detergents: Rats and other pets always cause disturbance in the house. I know you understand what I mean if a rat has ripped off your favorite piece of jeans or t-shirt.

My worst experience with rats is a rat once ripped of $120 from my wallet. To get rid of the rats using salt and detergents, you will need some gloves, flour, sugar, water, salt, and detergents.

Rats can be the most common animals that invade our homes and damage many things when they include clothes, furniture, and food.

For this reason, we always find the most appropriate ways to get rid of rodents from our homes as quickly as possible before they cause much loss.

Summary Procedure:

In a tin or bowl, mix the flour and sugar well, then add water and mix to make a thick paste.

Add salt and any liquid detergent, such as soap. Combine them into one solution by making sure they all melt together.

Fill several containers with the mixture and spread the whole house in the areas where rats are known.

Check to see if this method works after a while, then collect any dead rats for disposal.

Please try this method and mice will no longer cause you harm.

In this article, we will explore the simple homemade Do It Yourself tricks to Get rid of rats instantly from the use of salt and detergents.

salt and detergents

How to Kill Rats With Salt and Detergents

Procedure of Killing Rats

Using disposable gloves, combine enough flour, enough sugar, water, salt, and any detergent in empty cans,

Put the flour and sugar in an empty tin and mix well with your gloves. Add a little water and make a thick paste on the mixture.

To this mixture, add 2 to 3 spoons and a cleanser and stir well and you will have finished making homemade rat poison.

Pour the batter into small plates and place them in the appropriate places where the rats are found. Mice will die soon after eating the mixture.

This method has been shown to be very effective with professionals such as David Montoya who is a law graduate at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Law.

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