Shocking Weird Things in Germany

Weird Things in Germany: The most famously Shocking Weird thing about Germany is that fresh air comes from the window and the air from a door is toxic. In Germany, it is normal to say “Thank you” when you actually mean No.

Germany is one of the most developed and prosperous countries in the world. Despite its successes, the country is also famous for its unique culture, which many people find strange.

Below are some of the most unusual activities performed in Germany alone.

Strange Things You Can Only Find In Germany

Fresh air entering through a window or door is toxic

Most of us would welcome the cool air in the hot, airless office. But here in Germany, the draft could lead to health problems.

You will hear * es zieht * (literally ‘pulling’), which means that all windows must be closed and that fresh air must be kept where it belongs: outside.

Fresh air is also deadly when combined with wetness. If, for example, you are in the pool on a very hot day, it is important that you dry completely before going home.

If you are not, you will never know how one of those most dangerous winds can meet your wetness to follow you and lay you on your sickbed for days.

‘Thank you’ means ‘No’

It’s confusing, isn’t it? Let me tell you how. If you are in a bakery and someone behind the counter asks you if you would like your bread cut, be sure to say bitte (please) or ja.

If you go the extravagant English and American way of saying ‘thank you, your bread will be served, neatly wrapped, but perfect.

Bad feet, good shoes

It can be up to 35 degrees and heatwave outside but not wearing shoes leaves you exposed to many nameless dangers.

We returned to Germany in the hot summer of 2003 and one night took our little girls with us in their pickup trucks.

It was almost 37 degrees in the shade and their feet would not touch the ground, but our friends looked at us in horror,

saying, “What? Don’t have shoes? ”And, in the winter, when you are at home, it is important to keep your feet covered, outside the burning house. If you don’t, you get pneumonia, at least.

People of all ages suffer from bad broadcasts

Kreislauf its failure may not kill you, but it may force you to call the sick and spend a few days hiding on the couch watching DVDs.

It’s not just something adults experience, but it’s a popular umbrella term that covers all sorts of problems: the need for a mental health day, a hangover, or avoiding that deadline for work. What in England can be called a * sickie * pull, here is a medical self-examination.

If you want to pull a sickie, use Kreislauf once more, turn to that great source of sick notes: your doctor

I found that when my work was tiring me to cry (usually) I would go to my health-care doctor, talk about fatigue, headaches, and possibly sigh, “Depression,” and my doctor would give me a three-day medical note. That’s fine.

I injured my left wrist and fell off my bike once. I got two weeks off work. At the time, I was spending that time on the couch watching Wimbledon and suckling my exhausted spine.

People say exactly what they think

I found this refreshing, but it has taken a lot of practice. There is no need for the so-called white Anglo-American superstition to say that it is the fuel of a public wheel. No, they will ask you if you are pregnant while you are not showing up.

They will tell you that your children are not well dressed for the winter. Also, the weeds in your garden are very high. On the street, you will be asked why one of your children screamed all night.

Daisy’s first summer here was hard for her: it was hot, she was almost two, she couldn’t sleep and she screamed loudly. One of my neighbors handed me a child-rearing note, saying that it would help me to plan what I should do.

I’ve said this before, but I can’t agree with it. All I want to say is the best way to achieve your orange tan with antlers antlers. Obviously, the only way to go.

Hot rules for lunch

I’ve been traditional on this. I have to cook hot food for my children for lunch. In the evening, when I am weak, I can beat a yogurt or a bowl of wheat in front of them.

However, this paradox comes with the whole community being set aside for home-cooked lunch. Workers’ cakes provide similarly for poor souls who cannot come home to eat.

In our city, most shops close at two o’clock in the afternoon. He is one of those unwritten laws on which Germany is based, without which the public sector would not be employed.

Rules are rules

Speaking of rules, there is a lot here. It’s a testament to how eingedeutscht I’ve become that I don’t get any of this weird: no cars to wash or mow the lawn on Sunday, no longer play in the playgrounds around 1:30 pm, can be purchased on Sunday.

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No disturbance of neighbors after 9 pm, no barking dogs (dogs here are extremely quiet) especially after 9 pm or between 1:00 pm or before 9 am.

Our friends arrived here with three uncontrollable barking dogs. They soon received letters from municipal officials asking them to calm down their dogs during peacetime.

They wrote and said they introduced the dogs. Now they live in the countryside and their dogs bark when and how they like.

Work and play are separated

Some of the strangest things I’ve grown up with are familiar. Back in South Africa, you should have been a good friend to someone and maybe got drunk together last night, before you asked them to do something for you at work.

Here’s the opposite: you don’t even need to know their names, and you certainly don’t care about the health of their children or their aging parents.

When tourists are in town for work, it is always the outsiders who make the effort to get out; the Germans used to melt into the shade at 6 p.m. Work is work, play is play, and the two should not meet.


Finger-holding Fights

This is one of the most popular and popular games in Germany. Fingers are often trained to make it easier to play the game. Participants’ fingers are tied together and pulled to the opposite sides.

Pumpkin Racing

Have you ever seen a pumpkin boat? In Germany, it is common. Every year, during the autumn, pumpkin boat races are held.

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  1. Nonsense about the open windows, even in winter you put your down cover and pillows on the open window sill to let the sun “sterilize” them, This actually has medical basis, in old days hospitals put mattresses out in the sun and air for 24 hours before letting another patient sleep on it.

    1. Hence why they are Shocking and Weird things in Germany

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