Pangolin: The Only Animal with A Bulletproof Body

The Pangolin animal is covered with large, flattened plates made entirely of keratin, ”said Superina. In fact, they are the only known mammals with real scales and are lovingly known as “scaly anteaters.” The scales seem to be difficult to defend – but not these scales from Asia and Africa.

Pangolin means “roller” in Malay for good reason. When the pangolin feels threatened, it rolls over the ball, using its scales as heavy outerwear.

Their scale, made of keratin, is lightweight but surprisingly resistant to breakage due to the way keratin is structured. And when the scales crack, the cracks are directed away from the soft tissues below. Northwest scientists who published a study on the structure of pangolin scales in 2017 say that this understanding could open the way for body armor designed to reduce cracks.


“A lion can’t get a pangolin,” Meyers said. It leaves no room for easy attacks.

Bulletproof Pangolin Discovery

A Mexican man has been circulating the viral online Video after he continued to shoot innocent Pangolin, only to have the bullets come back at him. He was left in a critical condition and now those who witnessed the event said the armadillos were protected by bullets.

It is true that when you shoot these creatures the bullets will come back but that does not mean they are safe.

The rough shell that covers the carcasses of these animals is designed to help them survive in thorny areas and shrubs. The shell is made up of loose bone fibers called osteoderms that form on the skin and provide flexibility.


What Makes a Pangolin BulletProof

They are also protected by a coating of keratin, a protein that gives nails, hair, and horns their texture.

This layer allows them to successfully hide their animals by throwing them into the heart of thorny plants where no one can reach them.

As a result, Pangolin does not block bullets, but scientists have developed bulletproof jackets using this technology.

Apparently, the Pangolin shell could cause the 38 bullets to shift instead of hitting it.

It is possible to impact could still kill Pangolin, as people wearing bulletproof vests also experience serious injuries when a gun enters the vest.

Since I have no scientific research showing the strength of Pangolin weapons in all calibers and types of ammunition, I would suspect that they protect the bullet rather than the bullet.

The only way to find one way or another would be to take the solid weapons of Pangolin and put them on the gel as objects that act like real meat used by ballistics experts.

That is the beauty of nature, and I challenge you, dear readers, to help the world with conservation.

Is Rhino Skin Bulletproof like the ?

No. There must be an entry for another type of character. I am not a firearms specialist who studied rhino biology but I think there may be a small impact of the small arms fired at rhinos.

But there must be big guns to hunt those unfortunate animals. Otherwise how to do poaching / widespread hunting.

I remember reading elsewhere the famous Dutch and Dutch guns that were built to kill the five great Indians namely the rhinos, Elephants, Lions, Tigers, and Gaur Biosan (World Wild Cattle). The guns fired 700 rounds of Nitro express.

And there are two barrels with a shotgun that is immediately followed if one bullet is not enough to kill an animal. So in short the rhino skin is not a bullet guarantee that it can withstand some of the lowest quality (most commonly used hunting) shots.

But there are a variety of characters to drop about the last 100 years. Because of the extinction of these megafauna species and many of the current species are at high risk.

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