Celebrities Who Have Been Criticized for Photo Shoots

Celebrities create many photoshoots and share them on social media. But sometimes fans react badly when they believe a celebrity is too extreme.

Yup – we’ve seen ridiculous photo shoots in our time; so we thought we were going to bring you the 11 most criticized bananas photoshoots (one for real – you’ll see a little bit) which caused controversy and a lot of confusion. Are we ready?

Celebrities Criticized for Photo Shoots

Lil Nas X

In September 2021, 22-year-old American rapper Lil Nas X announced her debut album with a pregnancy photo. Lil Nas X received criticism from fans who were unhappy with his photos.

Lil Nas X has dropped a tweet in response to his critics; “Let me find offline, all this evil power is not good for a child.”

Fans are still unsure if Lil Nas X is actually pregnant or just a photoshoot.



The 33-year-old American singer, Lizzo, was criticized for posting a picture of herself in April 2021. Lizzo in response to negative comments said she wanted to celebrate her body in its natural way which is why the photos were unplanned.

What about the two celebrities?

11 of the weirdest photoshoots Done By Celebrites

Kim Kardashian magazine magazine

A familiar face on the ‘weird’ photography list, Kim is determined to ‘surf the internet with her * PAPER * photo. And that is exactly what he is doing. Providing a luxury dress inspo and a new way to dump prosecco (she was Moët’s fun problems, let’s be honest); Kim has given us one of the most recent ‘WTF’ seasons. Something tells us that it is not the last time we have seen him on this list, however. OH GAHD.

Kylie Jenner Interview

How are those Kardashian-Jenner types, eh? Kylie caused a stir with her Interview mag shoot, and many say he used disability as a fashion statement just. Conversational interview?

They placed Kylie in ‘various positions of power and control and examined her image as something highly regarded by the media.’

Cheryl and Ashley Cole of the National Lottery

What does this look like in heaven? Um, maybe he didn’t give it all away and now he’s waiting for Liam Payne’s little ‘un’. However, the good of knowing life can be very dreamy if we could win a few million.


Your Miley Cyrus, guess, magazine paper

MILEY Cyrus! A pig! SMALL CLOTHES! If you ever thought that rolling latex naked in VMAs was a book acquisition, Miley was also amazed at her arm. Except he wasn’t wearing sleeves, right? He was a butt and a kid with a furry mammal.

Katy Perry in GQ. With a fire extinguisher.

When we make you angry at a Christmas party, it becomes ‘dangerous to health and safety.’ When Katy Perry does it, it’s art.


Oh, just Leonardo DiCaprio with a bunch of bananas

Probably the only campaign we can get is five days a day. Soz, GOVERNMENT. Get David LaChapelle and Jack out of the Titanic in a boat and we’ll talk.

Kim Kardashian of System magazine

Kim Kardashian touched the digger and the minute was written down permanently. IT’S TIME TO LIVE.

Justin Bieber of Interview magazine

Justin Bieber has done some ridiculous good things in his time, but there is nothing better than donating a terrifying border mask and playing alone playing that sad dream we have that includes Ronald McDonald dancing in Beauty and Beat in thong and feather boa.

Beyoncé’s announcement of pregnancy. In gram.

Avocado in toast… salmon smoked sour cream… Beyonce and baby bo ON INSTAGRAM? Not if it wasn’t Beyoncé’s way of announcing a full-time pregnancy.

Lady Gaga shy and retiring from wall T wall Richardson

Gaga at the same time violated all the rules our mother imposed on us as a child. Do not go out with wet hair, do not leave the house in those shoes, and never use a skateboard instead of clothes.

Australia’s next Model Top, round 7

This shot seemed strange at the time, and then Kylie Jenner copied it on Instagram recently and we realized it was actually right before its time. Resources, ANTM. Now, where is that pink Dulux we made the bedroom with…?

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