“Huyu Ashikwe Hii ni Hatari” Kenyans React After Pastor is Captured on Camera Doing This (Video)


A Pastor has raised concerns after being captured in a video that has been circulating on social media while administering what He termed as ‘Holy water’ that He had stepped inside to the Congregation during the normal Church function, that had hundreds of Worshipers on board.

The tactic that the Alleged Clergyman used to lure His followers has been the talk of the day and making headlines.

Several Kenyans have come in to weigh on the same while dropping various comments which suggested that they are strongly opposed to the idea.

In the Video, the Pastor was seen naked from top to the waistline, and then put water into a small blue Tank with a huge opening at the top.

He then went ahead to enter the tank barefoot with His body submerged into the whole drum to a point that He was standing upright while facing His Congregants.

The amazement however came after He ordered for a Cup and decided to make His followers drink the water that He stepped in, without clear reasons on why He should engage them in such a heinous act that is totally unprecedented and unacceptable.

Being very gullible and with a lot of beliefs in their Religious leader, they lined up to take the water from Him, who was serving one after the other while singing songs of praise.

This continued until the whole lot had taken the dirty Water which cemented their own approach and beliefs on their religion.

On a closer look at the reactions from Kenyans, most of them were very bitter whole attacking the leader for allegedly misleading the whole group for His own benefits while claiming to be very caring and observant on the matters of religion and well-being of His flock who assembled to hear the word of God.

The identity of the Pastor who was alleged to be a Tanzanian has however not been revealed as more Investigations is being done to ascertain the real cause of such occurrences.

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