Angelo Adkins: What Happened to Adele’s Son? Biography and News Now

Angelo Adkins: Celebrity status is a package that comes with benefits and problems. Aside from being a decorated icon, one stays in the books facing a lot of scrutinies. Because of this, many public figures prefer to keep their stories confidential.

Such was the case with Adele’s son, Angelo Adkins. Angelo Adkins has revived speculation about his parents’ style, even though they keep him in the spotlight. So, what happened to Angelo Adkins?

Angelo Adkins was born by Adele, a pop and Grammy Award-winning pop music star. She was born during the advanced years of Adele’s career; that is why most of his followers were expected to share that part of his life with them.

However, Angelo Adkins’ life was kept secret. When Adele divorced her husband, many people were curious about what would happen to her. Therefore, this biography explains that and other details.

Angelo Adkins Complete Profile Summary

Full name: Angelo James Adkins
Date of birth: 19th October 2012
Place of birth: United Kingdom
Horoscope: Libra
Age: 8 years
Angelo Adkins’ gender: Male
Father: Simon Konecki
Mother: Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
Maternal grandparents: Penny Adkins and Mark Evans
Paternal grandparents: Rosemary Konecki and Andrew Konecki
Uncle: Cameron O’Sullivan
Famous as: Adele’s son
Nationality: English
Hair color: Brown
Body measurements: His measurement details and his height is unavailable
Angelo Adkins: Profile Summary

Angelo Adkins’ Biography

When his photos appeared in the news books, which were taken illegally, the matter eventually escalated into a privacy case. It is evidence of the extraordinary protection of his parents.

Angelo Adkins
Angelo Adkin’s Parents: Adele and Simon

However, when her parents divorced, everyone worried that the goals of her upbringing would change. Interestingly, although the marriage failed, the main reason his parents maintained a good relationship.

Age: How old is Angelo Adkins?

He was born on Friday, October 19, 2012, to Simon Konecki and Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. At the time of his birth, his parents had been dating for about a year. From July 2021, Angelo Adkins’ age is eight years.

Father of Angelo Adkins

Angelo’s father is Simon Konecki, a charity businessman. Her parents began dating in mid-2011, although they kept their relationship strong.

During the 59 Grammy Awards, Adele confirmed that they were married when she named Simon as her husband. In March 2017, she admitted that she was married during a concert in Australia.

What does Adele’s ex-husband do?

Simon Konecki is a well-known businessman. He has served as director of EBS before managing the top change team at Lehman Brothers. However, he saw the need to make the world a better place with its progress.

Angelo Adkins
Excited Adele Blue holding awards on her hands

So, he gave up city life and co-founded Life Water, the best-bottled water in the UK, with his friend Lucas White. The move also disrupted the charity Drop4Drop, a campaign to provide clean water to developing countries.

Adele’s husband Happenings

Their noble marriage, which centered on creating a healthy environment for raising their son Angelo Adkins, officially ended in 2021. Adele and Simon reportedly split in 2019, although it is unclear what caused the unrest in their union. Adele allegedly filed for divorce in the USA.

In April 2020, it was revealed that a judge had ruled in favor of Adele to keep $ 140million divorce details confidential. The divorce process was completed in March 2021, although it was reported that the couple had not signed a prenup before they got married.

Where does Angelo Adkins Live now?

Adele and her ex-husband are independent and choose to keep their lives invisible. In 2013, a UK-based agency allegedly published unsavory paparazzi images of their son during a family visit. As a result, Simon and Adele filed a lawsuit against the organization.

Angelo Adkins
Caption: Angelo Adkins and Adele hanging out together. Source: Mom

Adele has not worked in music since 2015. However, she is proud to be a stay-at-home mom and to be a parent right now. She has admitted that she cooks and helps her son with his homework. She emphasizes that the birth of her son has changed her outlook on life and goals.

Angelo Adkins Latest News Now

Simon and Adele have a good friendship despite the experience and the difficult and difficult times to deal with this issue amidst speculation from the media. They have a flexible relationship with their son’s well-being. According to Bantu, the pop star and her ex-husband allegedly lived across the street because of Angelo.

They admitted that they did the best for Angelo. Angelo Adkins ‘birth changed his parents’ lifestyle for the better. Although things may not have worked out for them, they have played a part in raising her. They also try to avoid contact with him on social media.

Social media and Net Worth

Angelo lives his life secretly with his parents. They do not have social media profiles. Her parents kept her away and safe in the public eye.

Adkins is still a child and has no money of his own. However, his mother Adele has a net worth of about $ 190 million from 2020. And her ex-husband, Simon has an estimated value of $ 2 million. Angelo lives a happy and prosperous life under his parent’s guidance.

Additionally, Adele owns an $ 11 million West Sussex estate. Adele plans to sell her home in 2016 but has not found a buyer. He also owns a luxury home in Beverly Hills, which he bought for about $ 9.5 million back in 2016.

Angelo Adkins Quick Facts

Angelo Adkins was born in England, United Kingdom.

Angelo is 8 years old from 2021

Angelo’s hair color is brown.

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