Natalie Tewa Biography, Age, Education, Careers, Boyfriends, Net Worth

Natalie Wanjiru is famously regarded as Natalie Tewa by fans and netizens. She is a popular Travel Agent, Youtuber, and Lifestyle content creator.

The 26-year-old, who was born on December 3, is known for her beauty and drama around her life and has been selected as one of Kenya’s 100 most influential young people.

Here in the article, we will take a look at the life of Natalie Tewa Tewa and all the details of the vlogger’s life.

Natalie Tewa Age and Birth Place

Natalie Tewa was born on December 3, 1993, in Nairobi making her 26 years old from 2020. He continues to live in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

He has two older sisters and a younger brother who is known by the nickname Tewa.

Background of Education

Natalie Tewa seems to have it all in the famous beauty and brain of the combo. He attended Makini Primary School and was followed by Precious Blood High School.

He also studied at Brookhouse International and went on to study in the United Kingdom. Natalie Tewa is a graduate from the University of Leeds and graduated four years ago (2016) with a degree in Architectural Engineering.

Natalie Tewa’s Travel Passion

He worked on project management in the construction industry for two and a half years before deciding to focus entirely on her product design and dedication to her business.

She is famous and is one of the best YouTube content creators in the world. She started on YouTube in 2015 focusing on strength and natural hair.

Her dedication to the gym has earned her a lot of follow-ups where she writes videos, food preps and brought out the business by promoting clothing products such as Impano Rwandan clothing. Furthermore, following the wave between girls and women in adopting their natural hair opened up the opportunity to create content in the same way.

Natalie Tewa Major Achievements

Natalie Tewa has so far gained fame by being named one of Kenya’s Most Powerful People.

Natalie Tewa Love Life, Boyfriend

Natalie Tewa’s love life in the past has been revealed in her relationship with Moses Mukiibi of Uganda known as Rnaze.

Their relationship that began in 2017 was one of many networks he called the intentions of the couple given the fact that they seemed to be living longer than healthy.

According to Moses, the reason they split up was that:

She cheated, I ended it. Came back from UG to a terrible surprise. I was only gone for 4 days… smh. That’s the truth.

This was their walk together and beautiful photoshoots showing how perfect they were with each other.

Natalie Tewa

The glorious days of their relationship ended with allegations of cheating and physical abuse. He then went on to date a trained photographer Sam Muchai who studied with him to keep their stories a secret.

Natalie Tewa’s Trip to Dubai with Hassan Joho

A few weeks ago on her Instagram news, Twitter DCI – Edgar Obare claimed he was probably he was accompanied by Governors Ali Hassan Joho and Junet Mohammed on their Dubai trip to visit ODM leader Raila Amollo Odinga.

Questions remain among many netizens as to why they are willing to be among the politicians in Dubai.

Natalie Tewa’s Worth

Natalie Tewa’s assets as of the publication of this article have not yet been obtained although Natalie Tewa earns between $ 200- $ 700 a month on her YouTube channel alone.

Summary of Natalie Tewa’s Profile

Real Name: Natalie Wanjiru
Nickname: Tewa
Date of Birth: 3rd December 1993
Place of Birth: Nairobi Kenya
Age: 26 years old
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: content creator, Influencer, Travel Agent, Youtube Vlogger
Nationality: Kenyan
Tribe: Kikuyu
Natalie Tewa Biography, Age, Education, Careers, Boyfriends, Net Worth

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