I Will Not Resign – William Ruto Strongly Condemns Uhuru’s Message

I Will Not Resign : Kenyans on social media did not have kind words to Deputy President William Ruto after he responded to president Uhuru Kenyatta that he won’t resign.

Yesterday at Statehouse when president Uhuru Kenyatta was having an interview with media editors he had said that his Deputy is at Liberty go resign if he feels left out. The president was responding to a question that touched on his relationship with his Deputy.

Through his social media accounts, Deputy President responded to those claims alluding that he is a man on a mission and he has no luxury to surrender.

The Deputy President went further insisting that his ideology is here to stay. The president yesterday during the interview had touched on the issue of class war.

The responses below the deputy President’s tweet showed a different picture. Some show a Strong man while others show a disrespectful man. But that all depends on their political leanings.

SORRY, but am a man on a MISSION.I neither have space to RETREAT nor the luxury to SURRENDER. BOTTOM UP ECONOMY that’ll create EQUAL opportunities,create JOBS,empower ENTERPRISES & create WEALTH so as the pull MILLIONS out of despair is an EXISTENTIAL IMPERATIVE. It CANNOT WAIT.


SORRY But I Can Never RETREAT Nor SURRENDER; Ruto Finally Reacts To Uhuru’s Statement On Resignation

Yesterday in the media house with Media people, the president of Kenya for the first time reacted to the Judge’s decision of Declining the Building Bridges Initiative report. The president mentioned so many things including his relationship with his vice president William Samoei Ruto.

Just to mention, the president came clearly that his relationship with the vice president had not been good. He gave is reasons that in most cases, Ruto is going against the Democratic rights of the country, and He as the president won’t allow that. He even dared the deputy president to resign from the government if he feels that he is uncomfortable.

The vice president has finally reacted to the president’s statement on him resigning saying that his mission with the bottom-up economy will continue and he will never surrender or retreat.

In his tweeter account, the vice president has said that he neither has space to retreat nor the luxury to surrender because he is a man of Mission. He will make sure that his mission of bottom up economy comes into existence and Support the millions out of despair in an existential imperative.

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