First Black Woman in History Selected to Join FBI SWAT Team

First Black Woman in History Selected to Join FBI SWAT Team: A Puerto Rican woman smashed one of the world’s black History records.

According to CNN Alaa Elassar reported that a black woman lawyer in Tampa, Florida but works mostly within the U.S. territory. The island of Puerto Rico “is believed to be the first Black woman elected to train any of the SWAT teams in the office.”

“The newly appointed lawyer, identified only as Tai, will be conducting the New Operator Training School (NOTS), a 10-week course that prepares candidates for SWAT field operations,” Elassar reported, citing an FBI press release released on the occasion.

First Black Woman
First Black Woman in History Selected to Join FBI SWAT Team

In the event that Tai passes WORDS, she will join the San Juan FBI SWAT team as a probationary member, becoming a full member after six to 18 months of additional training and certification.

“Although there is a lot of pressure to be successful in being the first Black woman in the SWAT team, Tai remains focused on the first challenge: which is passing the NOTS,” Elassar said. “This course aims to improve the agent’s gun skills, body movements, and critical thinking in difficult situations.”

In a statement issued by the FBI, Tal stated, “I am one of those people when I have a job, and I just focus on that job. I don’t really think about the people watching me. “

“I hope, someone will see that I was able to do it,” he added. “I am not the biggest person. I’m not as strong as some of these guys. But as long as you have patience – because it gets really hard – you get over it and move on. ”

The FBI has 56 different field offices located worldwide, each with its own SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team.

During his training, San Juan SWAT Central Team Leader Mike Dubravetz told FBI spokespersons that he “sees a lot of promises in Tai.”

“There are no guarantees of success, but he was willing to deal with this,” he said. “I was impressed with her performance. He would not have succeeded in the selection process if he had not shown that he had what it takes to succeed. “

Tai joined the FBI four years ago as a special agent after his time as a soldier in the U.S. Army Reserve. He had previously served as deputy to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orlando for five years.

According to Elassar, “Tai was inspired to join the FBI after seeing the office’s response to the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub” and wanted to work for the FBI to help fight “corruption cases involving political officials.”

“I like to help. Even on guard, I always said that prison is not always the answer. Sometimes a person just needs to be listened to, or things can be worked out. That is just part of listening to and trying to help the community I have worked for, ”said Tai.

“Thank you very much for all the Black women before me in the FBI,” she added. “Because if it doesn’t start with that, who knows how many there are today – if they are. Thank you so much for all those before me. ”

First Black Woman Summary:

A young woman has made history after becoming the first black woman to join the SWBI FAT SWAT team

Tai reportedly worked as an agent for four years until he was selected to join the SWAT team

He is expected to go through a series of training sessions to be recognized as a certified member of the FBI SWAT team.

Sydney Barber made history as the first black woman to become a commander in the US Navy Academy. USA Today reports that she will be the 16th to hold this prestigious position since women were admitted to Naval Academy in 1972. put into account that the first woman to hold the rank was Juliane Gallina in 1992. In a statement, Barber said he was very humble about everything, especially the way it set him to play a major role in American history.

First Black Woman in History Selected to Join FBI SWAT Team

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