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Justice Patrick O. Kiage

Patrick O. Kiage Profile

Justice Patrick O. Kiage name is Justice Patrick Omwenga Kiage. He was born on September 6, 1969, in Kisii Kenya.

Justice Patrick O. Kiage Education

Justice Patrick Kiage went to Alliance High School before studying at the University of Nairobi for his degree in Law and at the Kenya School of Law to get a law diploma.

He holds a Masters of Laws in Public Service Law from New York University where he holds a degree in Human Rights and Criminal Justice.

Justice Kiage – Work Experience

Justice Patrick O. Kiage is a Judge of the Court of Appeal sitting in Nyeri.

Justice Patrick O. Kiage

Kiage was inducted into the Roll of Advocates in 1993, and worked as a defense lawyer. Patrick also worked on the National Council of the Law Society of Kenya.

In 2007, he was appointed Special Adviser to Prosecution in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Until his appointment on the bench, he was the Deputy DPP in charge of Legal Prosecution.

Kiage tutored Criminal Procedure and Practice and Family Law at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Trial Advocacy at the KSL (Kenya Law School)

He has written multiple academic papers and is the writer of a textbook, The Essentials of Criminal Procedure in Kenya.

He has served on the National Council of the Law Society of Kenya.

Justice Kiage Age

In 2021 Justice Patrick Kiage is 52 years old.

Justice Patrick Kiage – Supreme Court

Justice Patrick O. Kiage can serve as the Chief Justice of Kenya or a judge of the Supreme Court. Several judges of the high court are in their late 70’s and should retire, packing for newcomers like Judge Patrick Kiage.

Justice Kiage Family, Wife, Children

Justice Kiage has one wife and children. He prefers to keep his personal life out of the media.

Patrick Kiage News Now

Judge Kiage confirms the Supreme Court’s decision on the basic premise that Uhuru was the founder of the BBI

“The law always speaks, the constitution calls me to be a man in the fight against the law,” he said.

The judge also said he was wondering if the other parties in the case understood the issue of the basic framework.

Justice Patrick Kiage has confirmed the high court’s decision on the basic framework.

Justice Patrick O. Kiage

The basic premise of the constitution is the general legal teaching that the constitution of an independent state has certain elements that can be repealed by its legislature.

Reading out his decision on Friday, Kiage said he would not accept criticism of high court judges for their interpretation of the constitution.

He said those who swore the Constitution should be prepared to live by its requirements or give those offices a wider space.

“The law always speaks, the constitution calls me to be a man in the fight against the law,” he said.

The judge also said he was wondering if the other parties in the case understood the issue of the basic framework.

According to popular practice, the judge said the popular program should not be considered a presidential campaign otherwise it would be considered a state.

The judge said in this case the president was the founder of the BBI.

“The BBI was a government program. It was published by the government, a committee appointed by the president and the report was even received at the lodge,” he said.

Justice Kiage noted that there was no public participation in the BBI process.

He pointed out that the MCA was faster than the BBI after being awarded car allowances.

Justice Patrick O. Kiage

He wondered how the SRC made the funds available with a brief notice to provide motor vehicle benefits to MCAS.

Citizen TV has been forced to take its place as a sign language translator due to Justin Kiage’s heavy command of the queen’s language.

Justice Kiage steals the show with a poetic judgment on the BBI

Justice Patrick Kiage stole the exhibition during the presentation of the Court of Appeal ruling on the legality of the Building Bridges Initiative.

Justice Kiage’s command of the queen’s language, her dictionary, and her enthusiasm made her speech memorable.

Within minutes of his ruling, the appellate court received the attention of law enforcement, media and ordinary Kenyan staff who found his delivery interesting as confusing.

His speech was full of difficult English words, alliteration, metaphors and folk proverbs that suggest that he was a literary scholar as a judge.

Justice Kiage’s Famous quotes

The same way new wine cannot be stored in old wine skins, it will be totally illogical to try and squeeze a transformative constitution within the suffocating straight jacket strictures of formalistic or positivistic interpretation.”

“This Constitution is not a product of immaculate conception.”

“The recorded history is crystal clear that the people of Kenya conceived, composed and constituted their Constitution which they birthed in 2010.”

“Any amendments that alter the core aspects of a Constitution, changing its character in a radical manner essentially changing its basic structure and in all but word, dismembers the Constitution.”

Kenyan’s were very excited about the Ruling by Kiage, here were some of their responses:

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