Tears and Sorrow at the Burial of the Murdered Kianjakoma Brothers

Kianjakoma Brothers

Kianjakoma brothers: The whole of Kenya is mourning with the family of slain Benson Njiru and Emmanuel Mutura.

The two brothers were arrested and their bodies found in a mortuary two days later.

The burial that is ongoing was filled with tears and sorrow as the family buried their youngest and brightest minds in a family.

Kianjakoma brothers

Their mother could not hold back her pain as she received the caskets of her two sons.

Kenyans have agitated for justice for the family after the murder of the two young men.

Here are photos of their burial.

There are things that no one would ever want to go through in this world, no one could have ever chose death over anything else, it’s so sad when one looses almost two members in the same family unexpectedly.

When the Covid19 pandemic struck in the country, there has been many rules & regulations imposed to curb the Covid19 pandemic in many countries, the rules set included curfew times, wearing masks, sanitizing, curfew among others.

The mother to two boys just lost his sons after the curfew hour found the boys outside, the two brothers were arrested & the following day were found dead, the incident is yet to be followed up since justice must prevail.

The two boys have been burried today, the mother could not bear seeing her sons being laid to rest today, this is the most painful thing ever.

Today’s world has been so cruel. Nothing hurts a mother for losing his children at young age. The mother of twins brother lost his boys in cruel way. She did not expect his boys will die in a such way.

They two boys were caught by police men during curfew hours. Curfew hours starts at 10pm in every county due to the spread of the Corona Virus. The mother of the twins had warned them to never get late to the house.

The police says that the boys died at the police station while rumours says that they were killed by the police men. One of the boys saw police men attacking his twin brother and had to fight the police to defend his brother. This caused their death .

Today the twins will be laid to rest at their village home. Their mother is deeply in pain and can’t bear it for the big lose. May their soul rest in peace .Justice should also be served for this young boys.

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