President Kenyatta Will Betray Raila James Orengo Sheds Light



There have been rumors surfacing across the Country that President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta will betray the Orange Democratic Movement Party leader Raila Amollo Odinga amid the 2022 General Elections.

Siaya Senator James Aggrey Bob Orengo has dropped another bombshell, revealing the possibilities of President Uhuru Kenyatta betraying Raila Odinga.

This is not the first time Senator James Aggrey Orengo is revealing these sentiments. He once said these words in Siaya County alongside the Rarieda Member of Parliament Hon Otiende Amollo.

Through an article written on the Standard Newspaper Publications on Thursday. Orengo stated that things were not working as they expected. And they were feeling the Betrayal Force from a Distance.

“In Politics, betrayal is Normal. We tried our best to talk to our Party leader Raila over his relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta, but he ignored us. I think maybe because he was desperate of at least clinching the Presidency.”

“If President Kenyatta betrays Raila Odinga. Some of the ODM Party Members will have to walk away from him.”

ODM is a Cult like the Catholic Church

Garissa Town member of parliament, Aden Duale, was hosted in a political debate alongside the national assembly minority leader, John Mbadi, on Wednesday evening.

The two vocal politicians deliberated on many issues concerning the current state of the nation as well as the 2022 succession politics. According to Aden Duale, the deputy president William Ruto is the best-suited person to be the next president while Mbadi feels that Raila Odinga should be the man to take Kenya to the next level.

However, the former leader of the majority made a controversial statement that now seems to have rattled many Kenyans especially ODM followers and the Catholic church faithful.

Duale said that in the ODM party, you must follow what Raila Odinga says just like how the Pope controls the Catholic church. He went ahead to say that the structures in the ODM party are the same structures that exist in the Catholic church. He finished by saying that both ODM and Catholics are cults.

“ODM follows the command of a single person. You can’t compare it to Jubilee. ODM is a cult just like the Catholic church. Look at the structures, it’s just the same way like how Pope Francis controls the Catholic church,” said Duale.

Kenyans feel that it was unnecessary for Duale to mix religious matters with politics. Some have gone ahead to accuse Duale of disrespect demanding that he should apologize and withdraw the statement.

Below are some of the reactions;

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