Man Eats Live Uncooked CHAMELEON as Crowd Watches and Cheers

CHAMELEON: The Chinese are well-known for eating rabbits, bats, snakes, and other animals. In Africa, such animals are widely regarded as inedible and a tabloid in other African societies.

However, a video of this unknown man-eating live today has hit the headlines, burning the INTERNET.

TODAY, Citizen TV Swahili presenter Lulu Hassan shared a disturbing video on her Instagram page, which burned the internet.

In the video shared by Lulu, a man bravely feeds on an uncooked chameleon while the crowd stirs in disgust. Viewers discuss the Gikuyu language and other fragments of Swahili. According to a fan named Spirit David, onlookers said they would earn a lot of money from that interview.


The man was wearing a white shirt, black coat, and cap with a hat in his hand. Onlookers urged him to stay calm. The man then put the worm in his mouth and started chewing alive.

To him, this was delicious food. Chew the cud for a few minutes until it is ready to swallow. A man from the crowd brought him green leaves from a plant that was not known to chew and chameleon but he refused.

The man said he ate the chameleon for the last time and would not eat another chameleon. A bystander shouted as he stared at her in disgust. Another man was seen fleeing the scene from behind.

They were spotted on the side of the road where the man had eaten. There was a house surrounded by metal sheets behind the man.

However, the man had a difficult time swallowing a worm. He said the food was choking him as he put his hands around his neck. Click the link below to watch the video:

This video has provoked various reactions from fans. Below are some comments from fans:

Zeph Zephy, “This is very disturbing?.”

Swift Mobiles Fix, “Unbelievable ????.”

A Man From Baringo

A Baringo County man left his tongue shaking after his video as he ate the green Chameleon and moved on to Viral in the modern episode which is why he draws a mixed reaction from Kenyans who come to measure the same.

An unnamed man wearing a black coat and standing in an undeveloped area is more likely to be in a sparsely populated Village. One man was filming the video from a distance, while in the company of other people believed to be His friends.

In the video, the man in question is seen holding the animal in His right hand and staring at it for a moment. He was then asked if he would be able to use it raw or need some assistance to make it more nutritious or to reduce its toxins.

The man replied in the traditional language that he was very comfortable eating. The animal lived without problems with digestion and health issues. Some men were even more surprised while waiting for the whole Scenery.

“I can take it that way, I don’t mind just look at it,” He said.

With all Cameras waiting, the old man put the Chameleon in His mouth and began to chew quickly in front of the Village audience who were so anxious that they began to praise and please him, until ended the process and swallowed the dangerous animal.

Some people from the end of the nearby building seemed to be moving around wanting to invite other people to see an unusual event, which had never happened before and was contrary to other cultures and traditions of the communities around Kenya.

Many questions and fears have spread to Kenyans, urging family members and neighbors to be aware of the man’s health conditions as Chameleon poisoning is dangerous to the human body.

One Kenyan even confirmed that he had seen the event but unfortunately it ended badly because the Man did not survive the aftermath.

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