You Will Never Hurt Anyone Again After What I Will Do To You – Harun Aydin Threatens Robert Alai


” Terror financing suspect Harun Aydin is threatening me through WhatsApp. These are the friends of William Ruto. Given the power, they’ll kill and maim. Tell Aydin that my mother gave birth to me while harvesting sugar cane. Don’t threaten me. You will suffer before I do. “- These are the words of self-proclaimed Kenyan Savior Robert Alai.

Blogger Robert Alai has accused Turkish businessman Harun Aydin of sending threatening messages to him through WhatsApp.

Alai shared a screenshot of a message Harun Aydin allegedly sent him stating that he will sentence him to unprecedented compensation in the world in European courts where there is truth and honesty.

Alai however told off Harun Aydin, saying that he has no power to threaten him.

Harun Aydin flew out of the country a few days ago after he was accused of funding terrorism. Ruto was barred from traveling to Uganda for a private trip with him.

Kenyan’s Reactions

  • Some claim this is just a fake and a phony : MANUFACTURED propaganda. Are you that DESPERATE?
  • Aydin whether a rich terrorist or rich investor, cannot stoop too low as to engage a poor fisherman who cleans raila’s feet for bread
  • Seeking for attention! Instead of asking Ringtone to lecture you on how best it’s done, you chose to clobber him
  • Are you this desperate for relevance?? And the messages are forwarded. Next time chora vizuri
  • kalongolongo hii,, we all have disposal international phone numbers with the identity of whomever we want it to be,,,,, that guy is a billionare he doesnt have time, even a millisecond to engage you,,,, your foolishness is extreeme
  • Unajifanya courageous but deep down unajua umeogopa,that’s why you had to post this. The Nyando coward.
  • You mean someone else wrote the text, send to Aydin, then Aydin forwarded to you? Acha cloud chasing.
  • How come the message is FORWARDED yet he was threatening you as u kuwa mjanja hizi propaganda zako no one takes u serious not even Apoko
  • Robert Robert Tulia kaka tunaona FORWARDED.LAANA ZA APOKO ZINAKUFUATA TU Hadi mambo zingine huoni

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