17 Things That Make You Dumber and How to Increase Your IQ Level in 30 Days

Here are the 17 activities that decrease your IQ level. To increase your IQ and intelligence level, here are the practices you need to adapt.

With all the talk about self-improvement these days, people are not paying enough attention to self-harm. In fact, there are many common behaviors that lower your intelligence shown in one or more studies that surprise people.

You can start by closing most TV shows.


As a follow-up to our 25 ways to improve your intelligence, we have compiled a list of factors that reduce intelligence or IQ or cause depression.

Watching real TV

The Austrian study showed participants the exact same show and asked them to check the information immediately afterward. Participants went much worse than those who had never seen a real show before. Watching reality Tv not only makes you dumber but also lowers your IQ level. Watching TV affects your cognitive functioning.


A UCLA study showed that consistent sugar intake over a period of six weeks “reduced brain function, impaired memory, and learning.” Americans consume 35 pounds of high-fructose corn syrup each year, UCLA reported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

To do Multiple tasks

A study conducted at Stanford University in 2009 shows that many people who do a lot of work “who are constantly attacked by streams of electronic information ignore, control their memory or switch from one activity to another and those who like to complete one task at a time.”

Chewing Candy

A series of three experiments conducted by Cardiff University in Wales determined that chewing gum “interferes with short-term memory in the whole process and identification of an object.” If you want to increase your IQ level you need to watch your chewing habits.

Watching FOX News

A 2011 study by Fairleigh Dickinson University found that people who watch Fox News are less likely to be aware of political issues than those who watch MSNBC, Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, or NPR. Watching FOX News is also a contributor to low IQ levels.


“Fox News viewers have much less experience than consumers of news from other sources,” said a 2010 study by the University of Maryland.


A 2010 study by Kent State University surveyed more than 100 obese people before and after surgery. Men’s Health reports that “before surgery, most studies showed lower memory capacity. But by 12 weeks after surgery … their memory scores had risen to the average range for all adults.”

Jet lag

Researchers at Cal Berkeley changed the hamsters’ sleeping pattern every three days a month and hamsters produced 50 percent more neurons than they did during normal sleep.


A recent study by the Environmental Health Perspective, a journal published by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, concluded that “children in areas with high fluoride have lower IQ values than those living in areas with low fluoride.” Fluoride is found in most drinking water in the United States.


In businesses around the world, it is common to throw ideas around a conference to help promote creative and productive work. But a Virginia Tech study found that “group settings can reduce intellectual expression, especially for women.” The social response to settings ranging from judges ’discussions to cocktail parties has“ had a profound effect ”on the topic of problem-solving topics.

Beatings as a child

A comprehensive study by the University of Manitoba found that more than 5 percent of all mental disorders are caused by beatings or other forms of child abuse. “This type of punishment was accompanied by negative psychological consequences and almost the same mental disorders on the board,” said Tracy Afifi, founder of the study, according to WebMD.

Using Power Point

If you believe the U.S. military, PowerPoint is making a fool of us. Army officials told The New York Times in 2010 that Microsoft’s program “disrupts discussions, critical thinking, and thoughtful decisions.”

Watch SpongeBob

A 2011 study by Pediatrics magazine showed that children who watched cartoons as quickly as SpongeBob performed worse on mental tests than those who watched the educational program or those who drew. “Children who watched 9 minutes of the fastest cartoon,” SpongeBob, in a research case, “had a disability in their administrative work compared to children who were given the task of drawing and those who watched educational television.”

Cigarette Smokes

In addition to the many other harmful effects of secondhand smoke, children who are exposed to it may end up with lower IQ and lower school performance and test scores, according to Central Michigan University.


The Yale Pressure Center concluded this year that stressful situations could “reduce the number of connections between neurons in the brain and disrupt the ability to handle intense events in the future,” according to The Morning Call. Increased stress, Yale found, can cause gray matter to decline in the cerebral cortex and can “impair the brain’s ability to store information and respond to nature.”

Ambien Xanax

If you are an adult, taking Ambien (sleeping pill) and Xanax (used to reduce stress and anxiety) can be very dangerous, according to doctors at AARP. These drugs can cause “memory fade ( or even amnesia), dementia, and deadly thoughts” among users, and “both Xanax and Ambien lag down the central nervous system.”

Iodine Deficiency

You do not need a lot of iodine in your system, but it is important that you have it before you are born. In the maternity phase, iodine deficiency “can lead to serious physical and mental disorders,” according to Steady Health. In completely older adults, iodine deficiency can lead to a 13-point reduction in IQ.

Smoking Weed

Inconsistent weed smoking from an early age causes a “general nervous breakdown in the workplace, regardless of the age of study,” according to a study by Duke University. Even long-term cessation of the practice “did not completely restore neuropsychological functioning among newer cannabis users. Discovery suggests neurotoxins.

How to Increase Your IQ and get Smarter in 30 days

It’s easy to think of IQ as something fixed: It tests and tells you how smart you are. But that is not how it works; wisdom is more fluid than previously thought, and your brain is more readily available than hard.

It is common for you to think intelligently is something you are born with. Some people, after all, make smart looks less powerful.

Wisdom is not a prerequisite, however. It is a flexible, flexible ability to learn and stimulate your brain that can develop over time. The key is to develop healthy habits that support and protect your brain.

Research suggests that there are various ways to develop some of the most important skills related to human intelligence.

In this article, we will look at some of the activities that can increase your IQ, as well as other ways to improve your IQ.

Neuroscientists are now clear that adults can change their IQ – both for the better and for the worse. Here are a few ways to keep your trailer up and right:

1. Play chess

There is a reason why chess has been played for centuries, even in royalty. A complex and complex game, it improves your problem-solving skills, improves your concentration, and rejuvenates both sides of the brain, helping to strengthen your corpus callosum.

The corpus callosum is the part of the brain that connects the two hemispheres, and experts say that part of the reason why Einstein was so intelligent was that he had developed so much. He was able to access his entire brain at once, instead of just one or the other part.

According to a study in Venezuela, children who took up chess classes for 14 weeks significantly increased their IQ. Another 2003 study conducted at Flinders University in Australia came to the same conclusion: participants who played chess showed improved IQ levels.

2. Make medicines

The neuroscience is clear: aerobic exercise is great for your brain. In fact, performance raises your IQ more than playing a brain game online. Also, Swedish research has proven that cardiovascular fitness can increase your oral intelligence by 50%. Says Maria Aberg, who led the study, “Cardiovascular strength has been associated with better cognitive scores. In contrast, muscle strength was not associated with weakness.”

So if you want a high IQ, don’t just pick it up; make it.

3. Take creatine

A study conducted at the University of Sydney showed that if you took 5g of creatine daily, you could raise your IQ by 15 full points over a period of six weeks. Said the study leader Caroline Rae, “Creatine has given so much power to the brain.” Why? In part because it raises the level of energy available for calculation in your brain.

4. Start meditating

Countless studies find that meditating for 20 minutes a day not only increases your mood but also lowers your stress levels, but it also improves efficiency when it comes to in-depth cognitive processing. This is the essence of liquid intelligence, and part of that helps you develop the ability to create new things.

If you change 20 minutes of Facebook login to 20 minutes of meditation using an app like Calm or HeadSpace, you will be creative and lose nothing in your life.

5. Get enough sleep

According to scientists from the Loughborough University Sleep Research Center, every hour less than eight hours of recommended sleep at night can cut off a full point from your IQ.

In fact, their report concludes that the loss of two hours of sleep each night can cause a person with a normal IQ to become a “set limit.”

6. Learn a new language

According to neuroscience, learning another language expands your brain. Because you navigate through a set of complex rules (such as a different grammar in your native language), it forces cortical stiffness and increases your hippocampus volume. In simple language, it means that it causes language centers in the brain to expand, which in turn helps with other language functions such as negotiating, learning, and problem-solving.

Also, this does not need to take long. Download DuoLingo for free and start learning any foreign language for 10 minutes a day.

7. Take the guitar

Research at the University of Zurich has shown that mastering a musical instrument can increase the IQ of adults and children. We’re not talking about a non-significant benefit, either: the IQ average in the United States is 98. Playing music can increase your IQ by 7 points or more – you can go from 98 to 105 from just learning how to grow Free Fallin ‘.

And (and at the right time in the summer), you’ll be a campfire hero.

8. Exercise regularly

A study from 2014 also found that exercise increases the volume of the hippocampus. The authors of the study hypothesized that aerobic activity promotes the growth of neurons, which in turn strengthens brain structure and function.

To enjoy the cognitive benefits of exercise, it is important to do so regularly. The good news is that you do not have to be physically active to reap the benefits.

Preliminary exercise ideas include:

to go yoga mountains physical activity

9. Get enough sleep

Sleep is also important in supporting good mental functioning. When you sleep, your brain encompasses the memories you have created throughout the day. It also improves your brain’s ability to read new information when you wake up.

In fact, getting enough sleep is so important that a 2019Trust Source study found that even a small amount of sleep deprivation has a negative impact on working memory.

10. Meditate

One way to do this is to improve your IQ is to meditate.

In an earlier study of 2010, meditation was associated with improved performance and memory performance. These results were seen after only four days of meditation.

The 2019 StudyTrusted Source has found similar results. After participants completed 8 weeks of 13-minute meditation sessions, their attention, concentration, and working memory increased. The participants’ anxiety and emotions also improved.

Researchers think that these cognitive effects are due to the emotional benefits of meditation.

There are many ways to meditate. You can:

use meditation apps listen to targeted meditation videos to a meditation class

11. Drink coffee

Adenosine is a brain chemical that stops the release of stimulants in your brain. However, caffeine in coffee inhibits adenosine, allowing these substances to give you energy. This can help promote learning and mental performance.

A 2014 StudyTrusted source also determined that eating caffeine can increase attention, which can help you stay focused, and better adapt to new information.

It’s best to eat coffee in moderation, though. Drinking too much caffeine can increase anxiety and make you feel jittery.

Remember, wisdom does not come from knowledge over other people. It’s about rejuvenating your brain, being able to solve problems, and learning new things.

By staying motivated and following the tips outlined above, you can improve your brain health and improve your intelligence over time.

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